Modeling for Toto Heroes

One of the unique opportunities of living in Seoul, Korea is modeling.  It’s a great chance to get out and see the city, interact with Koreans, and make some moola while you’re at it.  Often I don’t get to see the finished products of the photoshoots.  However, once in a while I do, and it’s always a lot of fun.








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The Sound of Music!

Definitely think Harrison’s going to be a piano/music aficionado. Sixteen months old and he’s already a playing/singing machine!





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Harrison’s Birth Story

I was dusting off the family blog and found this post still left in my drafts.  I wrote the post a year ago and figured I should still post it.  Better late than never!  It’s hard to believe he is already 16 months old!! I simply cannot imagine our family without him.  He is truly the sweetest, happiest, and most playful baby boy! We are so blessed by his spirit everyday!



I just wanted to write you a little note to let you know how precious you are to our family.  You’ve already brought our family so much joy!  I really can’t imagine our family without you in it!

I thought I would share a few of the adventures in getting your sweet spirit here with our family.  Daddy and I wanted to have another baby, but it didn’t happen very easily.  We miscarried in September and were so sad and disappointed.  We tried to pray, have faith, and keep hope that someday Heavenly Father would bless our family with another sweet baby.

I took a home pregnancy test on December 17th.  I was positive.  I couldn’t believe it, so I took several more tests over the next few days to be sure!  I called the Dr. and told them that I had a positive home pregnancy test and they had me come into to have a blood test done at the hospital to check my hormone levels.  Everything looked good.  I was so happy and cautiously optimistic!

Daddy was away at Squadron Officer School in Alabama, so he wasn’t able to be there for our first ultrasound on February 9th.  It was pure torture to have to wait that long to see cute little you!  Your strong heartbeat was the best sound ever!

You definitely kept me on my toes with lots of bleeding scares, but each time they checked up you were healthy and strong.  It gave us plenty of opportunities to peek in at you and see how you were growing.

I waited as patiently as I could for Daddy to get back from his course so we could have another ultrasound to find out if you were a girl or boy!  Finally on April 18th we were able to go into the hospital on Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan and have our ultrasound at 21 1/2 weeks.  We were so excited to hear that you were a boy.  Not that we really cared either way.  Then, the planning began!!

We moved from Okinawa, Japan on July 6th .  I was 32 weeks and thought by the end of our travels I was going to have you somewhere over the Pacific Ocean!  Luckily we didn’t and we were able to spend a couple weeks with our family in Idaho before heading to our new home in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 19th.  It was a yucky red eye flight and we arrived in Virginia Saturday July 20th.  We immediately set to work trying to get a Dr.  I was measuring small, and the doctors were worried that I was either losing my fluid, or that you weren’t growing properly anymore.

When I finally got a Dr., I called the office to make an appointment, and they told me we don’t actually deliver babies.  I said, “Well, that will be a serious problem because I need someone to deliver my baby any day!” We made a million calls and finally we were assigned to a group of doctors at the UVA hospital.  I eventually got an appointment to see the doctor on August 2. At the appointment she told us, “I think you need to have this baby today!”  I was measuring very small. At 37 weeks I measured 31 weeks. I was excited, but I flipped a little too.  We didn’t know a single soul very well here in Virginia.  We had even been sick, so we all missed church our first week here too.

We rushed home, installed the car seat we bought for you just a few days prior, packed our bags, and headed over to the hospital.  The Dr. wanted to do an ultrasound before she induced me.  While we drove to the hospital, Daddy and I were thinking, “Who do we leave Kennedy and Nathan with?  Do we leave them with the neighbor we’ve talked to once? Do we leave them with the guy that rents the apartment over our garage? Do we hunt down the Bishop of the ward we have never been to?”  You can imagine we were freaking out just a little!  Well, Heavenly Father answered our prayers and gave us a little more time. Both Kennedy and Nathan were delivered for low amniotic fluids.  We were sure this was the same case.  Each pregnancy was a more severe case.  However, the ultrasound showed everything was just fine, so we headed home! We even got some really cute pictures of you.  The lady doing the ultrasound thought you were very photogenic!

Our household goods showed up from Japan, so were worked hard to make sense of the chaos.  I decided that I just needed to hunt down the baby bedding and newborn clothes I had first.  They were neither unboxed nor washed.  Yikes!  I called Grandma Hatt to see if she could come stay with us for while to help us get settled in case we needed to have you early still. She was already planning to come before your due date, but she changed her tickets and came early!  Luckily Grandpapa is awesome like that and let her go!  She got here Wednesday August 7th. She was a life saver in organizing the home before you arrived!  Things settled down a bit from there.  I went in once a week for a check up and a non stress test.  Things were pretty quiet.

Daddy and I  had my routine doctors appointment on Friday August 23rd at 1:00.  The Doctor checked me and said that I was basically the same I had been for 3 weeks.  Dilated to a 2-3 and 50% effaced.  I was a little frustrated.  It had been such ups and downs.  I was going to have the baby, then I wasn’t.  I was ready!  They kept telling me you were going to be my biggest baby, which scared me a little.  I basically pushed 2 hours with both Kennedy and Nathan! They were both 6 ½ pound babies!

The doctor agreed to  schedule my induction for September 2nd.  I was really hoping I would have you by then!  Then, she stripped my membranes and sent me over for a non stress test.  I was still measuring very small, but wanted to make sure you were still doing fine.  So at 2:00 they hooked me up to monitor your heartbeat and my contractions.   I felt more contractions getting stronger and closer, but the doctor said I was just so thin that it was picking up every little uterine contractions.  If I was lucky I might have the baby before my appointment next Friday.  So, they monitored me and sent me home.

We talked about going out to eat at  the Milan, an Indian food restaurant, and walking around the outdoor mall to see if we could get the contraction going and keep them coming! We drove home to Grandma, Kennedy, and Nathan.  We were home for just a few minutes when the contractions started coming harder, faster, and stronger.  All Daddy could think about was food.  He kept trying to get out the door to the restaurant and I kept saying, “I don’t think I can sit through dinner.  I’m getting pretty uncomfortable.”  Grandma made up some quesadillas, but I had lost my appetite.  I went up stairs to get my bags and bring them down.  Daddy ate one and was waiting for a second when I came down with my bags and said, “I’m just going to be waiting in the car, come when you finish eating.”   Grandma convinced Daddy that she thought he might need to hurry things up a bit and just take me to the hospital now.  They agreed.  We were only home about 40 minutes.  We left for the hospital at 4:00 PM.

By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were 2 minutes apart.  Daddy pulled up to the ER.  By that time, I told him I didn’t think I could walk by myself.  The contractions were very strong.  He wheeled me in where they asked me a million questions that I could barely answer while the contractions slammed me one after the other!  I finally told the receptionist, “He knows everything about me.   I need to have this baby!” They kept talking about me being in preterm labor since I was so small, and that they were going to stop it and that I shouldn’t worry.  I tried over and over to tell them that my due date was just 3 days away.  They called the NICU team regardless and made Daddy go park the car since they were going to slow things down.  They rolled me into the elevator.  The door closed and my water broke!  I told the tech and he said, “How much!”  I said, “All of it! All over and I need to push!”  There was meconium in the amniotic fluid.  He responded, “Oh no!” and immediately opened the door and wheeled my into a triage room.

It was a little hectic while they found a doctor the nurse checked me. I delivered you in my normal clothes and garments.  They only had time to take my pants off because I was fully dilated and your head was right there.  They held the monitor to my belly to get a heartbeat.  Your heartbeat was decelerating, so they told me to start to push!  Daddy was nowhere to be found!  They apologized over and over for that.  Telling me they were so sorry they sent him to park the car, they thought I was in false labor because I was so small and so calm!  Ha ha ha! I pushed once, twice,  and your Dad finally walked into the room in time for me to push a 3rd time and out you came! You were born at 4:31! Just 15 minutes after we pulled up to the hospital!   6 pounds 13 ounces 19 ¾ inches long. The cord was wrapped around your neck, but you recovered nicely,  and as it turns out it was lucky the NICU team was there.  It was a fast and furious delivery.  No time for epidurals or pain meds! I never even got to check out the delivery rooms here.  Nothing like giving birth in the triage room!  Dad didn’t realize that it was a triage room and kept saying to me, “This is kind of a small delivery room isn’t it? It’s a bit squishy with all these people in here!”  I laughed and filled him in on all the fun!  My placenta got stuck and wouldn’t come out.  It took so much longer to delivery the placenta than it took to deliver you!  I was just happy Daddy made it in time to see you be born! Daddy was very grateful that you weren’t born in his car!

I held you and knew you were Harrison.  Daddy agreed.  After all that, what else could he do!?  You were so sweet and precious.   So perfect! I could hardly believe you were here!  What a blessing and I already loved you so so much! You smelled just like Heaven! What a precious gift and miracle for our little family!

We love you!


















Deck the Halls

Last night Harrison put a few final touches on our Christmas tree. Now it’s just right!Christmastreedecorating2014  Christmastreedecorating

I learned my lesson with Nathan when he was Harrison’s age, and the gingerbread cookies are all on the top half of the tree this year!! I know, I’m no fun!!


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30 week baby bump

30 weeks