Smoothie King and Taekwondo Exhibition

One Saturday while Mom and Nathan were away on a shoot, Harrison, daddy, and I went to breakfast at Smoothie  King .  After we got our Smoothies, we hopped into the car and drove to the Taekwondo Exhibition at the gym.

The  competitors were amazing! They could jump and break boards  that were 10 feet in the air! Almost twice their size! They were grouped by their size.  On the other side of the gym, people were breaking boards with their hands.Not just 1-2 boards but like 10-12 boards! Some of them made it through all of the boards, others didn’t. We had such a great time, so when daddy said that it was time to go Harrison didn’t want to leave.

Later, we put Harrison down for a nap and daddy went to get a lunch from a vegetarian restaurant called Plant. It’s my favorite. Harrison woke up, and daddy came home with our lunch. It was so yummy!

Dad reserved the tennis court for the afternoon.   After lunch, we got ready and played tennis for 2 hours. Then, we went grocery shopping.  When we got home mom and Nate were also home.

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  • Grandma

    That sounds like a fun day with your Dad! We loved Plant also- pumpkin gingerbread cake is delicious!

  • Jules

    That sounds like pretty much the perfect day!!! So fun!

  • Colleen Call

    Hi Kennedy
    I thought I left a message a few days ago but I guess it didn’t work. We are so happy to hear the news about a really special day for you and Harrison and your dad. The description of the day was delightful! Thanks for sharing the joy😍

  • Shanna

    What a fun and special day! I enjoyed reading about it.

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