Happy Independence Day!

I love living in a foreign country.  It’s fun and exciting exploring a new land and a new culture, but sometimes it can be hard too.  It can be especially hard when the holidays roll around.  This year Yongsan’s fireworks were cancelled and that left us all feeling a bit homesick. The post had a 5K fun run this morning, but Brian just had major hernia repair surgery.  They fixed multiple inguinal hernias on both sides. He was basically swiss cheese!  He’s been in recovery mode for the last few weeks.  He’s getting a bit stronger each day.  He’s been cleared for walking only, so we decided to get out and enjoy one of the base’s mini tracks this morning instead.  Of course, we were all rocking our red, white, and blue!

Happy Birthday, America!

God bless America, land that I love!


Brian Walking Like a Beast...



IMG_4493 (1)

Near the end of the year, a couple other first-grade classes combined forces with Nathan’s class to put on a performance.  His teacher Mrs. Turner lead the music.  This clip is one of my favorite patriotic songs.  I got chills as these kids sang to their families, moms, and dads in uniform.  I love being a part of the military family. I’m proud to be an American…

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  • Grandma

    Happy 4th to you too! Love you!

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