Toothless Grin

Nathan was so excited to have finally lost his first tooth!  He’s wiggled and jiggled that stubborn tooth.  Finally it was hanging on by a thread!  Nate asked Daddy to just pull it out one night, but it just wasn’t ready.  That was one thick thread it was hanging by!  Then, finally it just “Popped” out!  It was all very exciting!  I always feel a little setimental about that first little baby tooth coming out. He set his tooth out at night and luckily the tooth fairy visits Korea too.  He was a bit concerned about that.10921651_957031267658831_1042614987370952823_o

Lost first tooth

lost first tooth2Life is short; smile while you still have teeth!

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  • Grandmama

    Whew! So glad to hear the tooth fairy visits Korea! Congratulations mate-Nate! You are one handsome boy with or without teeth!!

  • Charles Call

    Looking good! So how is the new tooth doing? Any sign of it yet? Grandpa Call

  • cailyn watkins


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