They call me trouble!

I knew yesterday was going to be a crazy day. I was prepared for crazy, BUT I didn’t know just how crazy my day would get!

destroyiPhone2I am the first counselor in the Seoul English Military Branch Primary.  We have about 130 kids in our Primary.  The first Sunday in January is always a fun and crazy day.  New classes, new teachers, and no matter how much you plan, there is always some chaos. You just have to plan on chaos.  It’s enevitable!  I conducted and thingsactually went really smoothly.  The energy level was out of this world, but we just went with it and had a great time.

Harrison had a hard Sunday though.  He is cutting molars, and that’s just not fun.  He’s was tired, hungry,  and by the end of church we were all ready to get home! Did I mention it was fast Sunday?  So, everyone was really hungry!!!  Brian is the Branch Clerk, so we hung around after church while he did clerky things.  Harrison was strapped in his stoller losing his mind!  It seemed like such a good idea.  Harrison begged to differ.

We all piled into the elevator and traveled down to the parking garage.  Our church building has 4 floors and a couple levels of underground parking. I set my phone on the top of the car and buckled Harrison in.  Meanwhile, Brian was loading the trunk and trying to figure out how to fold up the stroller.  He hollerd to me, “Can you just come break this stroller down before I lose a finger?” I ran to his rescue of course.  I’m such a dutiful wife afterall! The car was loaded, no fingers were lost, and we all piled in.  We were out of there!  Yipee!

My sunglasses were on, and we were all just chilling as Brian navigated the dangerous roads of Seoul.  We hit the Expressway cruising 50 mph towards home.  The kids were in the backseat recounting their lessons in their class in hopes of impressing Mom and Dad and earning treats.  We like to quiz them on how well they were paying attention in their classes.  Their story telling was mixed with complaints of the humongous pits in their bellies, and questions about what was for dinner.  All of the sudden we heard a loud boom. We all exclaimed,”What in the world was that!”

We were driving past a large green skyrise with green scaffolding on it.  Brian mention that he saw  something green fly off the back of the car.  He questioned, “Was that a piece of that building!?  Wow!”

Immediately it donned on me, and I had a huge stomachache! “Oh no!  My phone!  Brian, I think it was my cell phone.” I frantically searched around in the car to no avail.   My cell phone was not in the car.  “Oh no!  It was my cell phone!”

Brian says, “Your cell phone? Really? How is that even possible?”

I replied, “Yes, My cell phone.  I set it on the roof of the car to buckle Harrison in.  I didn’t have my diaper bag or any pockets for it.”

At that point we both had no idea what to do!  You have no idea what a Korean expressway is like unless you have experienced it. Koreans are crazy terrible drivers! It’s just insane. Frightening really!  I drove to church once.  I will never do it again! Never!! I would rather haul 3 kids on the subway!

Brian found a safe place to pull over while we popped the trunk to make sure my cell phone wasn’t safely tucked in my diaper bag. Unfortunately it wasn’t there. It was confirmed that my cell was in fact gone.  Most likely  completely demolished at this point.  Who knows how many times it had been run over.  Now what!?

We decided we could try to flip around, drive back the other way as slow as we could, and keep our eyes peeled for the phone.  We decided we could be Korean for one day, so we drove down the expressway with our emergency lights flashing.  Cars and cops speeding past us like no big deal. These kind of hazzards are everywhere here, and completely normal.  Expect the unexpected when driving in Korea!  No luck.  No cell phone.

We flipped around to head back home and figured if we didn’t see the phone we were just plain out of luck.  We drove and tried to pinn point exactly where we thought the phone flew off the car.  Suddenly we saw a hint of green! Could that really be it?  Brian pulled the car over to the left as far as he could, and got out.  He ran down the expressway in his grey Banana Republic suit.  It was very James Bond esque. He ran here and there picking up the pieces.  The phone, backing, and battery were scattered up and down the expressway.

He safely got back in the car and handed all the pieces to me with a big, “Good luck!”

I pieced the phone back together, and it magically turned on!  Yes, it really turned on!  My screen wasn’t even scratched!  The camera on the back of the phone got cracked, but seemed to work fine. My case was totally obliterated. it was simply amazing!

Honestly, I’m not sure which the greater miracle is. Brian escaped the whole event unscathed, or that my phone worked. Either way, I’m feeling very blessed.  I would say it’s just a little too much excitement for one day!

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  • Grandmama

    That really is a miracle but glad things turned out well! Glad Bri and the phone survived!! Just another relaxing Sunday!

    • Brian

      Grandmama, You have no idea! My adrenaline was pretty maxed out for the rest of the day–this puts bungee jumping to shame.

      What’s really funny (in a very sick, twisted way) is the fact that you’ll get more honks and birds from passing drivers for accidentally turning your turn blinker on at the wrong spot of the road than putting your hazards on and creeping down the expressway.

      Needless to say, I’ve impressed the kids with my ever-expanding creative language skills on the drives to and from church…

  • Grandmama

    You two are making me ever more anxious to visit!!

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