I’m a Freak Show! Erythema Nodosum

Friday afternoon, I noticed a sore spot on my right leg near my knee.  I thought I must have just bumped it on something and figured I’d get a bruise there.  Nothing new…I bruise really easily.  However, as the day went on I had a small red dot appear.  Weird, but I figured it was just a bug bite.  Nothing to be too concerned about.  By that night around dinner time it was about the size of a quarter.  When I went to bed I had multiple spot up my right shin.  Weird.  I was racking my brain about what it could be.  I thought of everything from bed bugs to allergies!  I woke up Saturday morning  and it had spread to both legs and up to my hips.  The spots were also very sore.



picture taken Saturday morning 4/20

We took Nathan to basketball practice and then out to lunch. By that time my legs were getting more and more swollen and painful. Also, the sores had started to turn more red and felt very hot to the touch. We decided that I needed to go get it checked out. I went to the ER where they ran some tests and such. Eventually they came back and told me that it was Erythema Nodosum. Basically it’s the inflammation of your fat cells under you skin. Nice! However, because I am pregnant, they couldn’t use their usual methods of treatment. The drugs used would cause serious birth defects. The Dr. put me on strict bedrest and told me it could 6-8 weeks and I would have new sores popping up for about 10 days! Yikes!



picture taken at ER on Saturday 4/20

So bedrest it was! By Saturday night the pain was so bad! I couldn’t even walk. Sunday morning I couldn’t get out of bed and the sores had spread even more!



pictures taken Sunday 4/21


Monday I went to my Dr. for followup care and to check on some of the tests that were run. My blood work showed I had a bacterial infection that could have caused it, so they started me on an antibiotic for that. However, about 4% of pregnant women just come down with Erythema Nodosum during their second trimester. The Dr. never really was sure of the cause.  My Dr. repeatedly told me it wasn’t because I had an excess of fat! He must have told me about 5 times that now is NOT the time for me to go hungry. He thought I looked mighty tiny to be half way through my pregnancy.  Brian assured him that I was definitely eating for two, and that this was normal pregnancy for me!!  The Dr.  gave me a set of crutches to help me get to my Dr. appointments and it took about 2 weeks to stop hurting.  As you can see from the 23 weeks baby bump picture ( in the above post) , the sores have faded and now look like purple bruises.  The Dr. said they will next turn yellow and then green before they fade away. I am so grateful that my body healed so quickly!   6-8 weeks on bedrest would have been SO boring!!!  It really is pretty miraculous! The sores will look very much like bruises all over my legs for awhile still.  NICE!!  Not that I don’t look hot enough already just being pregnant!!  🙂



picture taken Monday 4/22

More awesome leg pictures to document the progression of healing.

photo (1)

pictures taken on 4/23

photo (2)




photo (3)

pictures taken 4/25

photo (4)




photo (5)

picture taken on 4/28



photo (8)

pictures taken on 4/30

photo (7)
photo (6)

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  • Grandmama

    That is one strange malady – leave it to you to come down with it 🙂 So thankful for your quick and truly miraculous recovery! Hey Nat – this is no time to go hungry – tee hee!

  • jen

    No wonder I was thinking of you in april. Sheesh. HOpe that there are no more crazy things to deal with for a while.

  • Jules

    I hope it’s not as bad this time around, those just look horrible!

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