It’s A…..



 Another adorable little boy!

Baby Boy Call #3

This is a picture of our baby boy folded in half!  He has his cute legs all the way over his head!  Trust me, I feel those kicks!  I’ve fondly nicknamed him Thumper for now!

 We are so excited!  Well, everyone BUT Kennedy!  When Brian and I told the kids, Kennedy cried, ” NO!!! Not another brother!”  Then she buried her head a bawled!



Nathan on the other hand was ecstatic!  He exclaimed, “This is the BEST day of my life!!”

baby nate

The woman that did our ultrasound was awesome and also thought our baby was SO cute and photogenic, so we have tons of pictures!!  I wasn’t complaining!  She even got carried away with the baby opening it’s mouth and sticking it’s tongue out, that she forgot to take a couple measurements.  I wasn’t complaining!  I could have watch my precious baby for days!!

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  • Grandmama

    Grandmama & Grandpapa are excited too! Can’t wait to meet this little guy in person!! 🙂

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