Soroban Competition


Kennedy competed in the Department of Defense Sorban Competition with 160 other students from Elementary and Middle schools all over the island.  The morning of the competition, Kennedy woke up all nervous and excited.  Somehow, she managed to fall all the way down the stairs.  She was pretty bashed up.  A few days earlier, a boy in her class pretty much knocked her front tooth out.  She was looking pretty bad!  I think she had a fat lip for almost 2 weeks, and her poor nose was swollen too!!  In spite of it all, she said to me, “I worked too hard for this, there is no way I cam going to miss out!”

She headed off to the competition with all her oozy battle wounds and took second place!  Wow! She received a medal, certificate, and a trophy!  She was so excited, and we are so proud of her.  She is such a hard worker! Parents couldn’t attend, but a friend of mine chaperoned and took pictures for me.






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  • Suzy

    Congratulations Kennedy! What an accomplishment! We’re so proud of you, and your winning attitude; way to hang tough, battle scars and all! That’s so neat that your friend got pictures!

  • Tara

    Congratulations from us, too, Kennedy!! That is quite an accomplishment and you definetly deserve it for your hard work and great attitude! We’ve heard y’all have some killer stairs so we’re glad you weren’t hurt worse. We love you all!

  • colleen call

    Kennedy you are amazing! We know you are a hard worker!
    That is quite the drama on competition day. We love you.

  • Way to go Kennedy!
    I had to look up Soroban on wikipedia – is sounds so awesome!

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