Dragon Boat Races


Our family decided to attend the Dragon Boat Races, called haarii (a Chinese word for “dragon”) this year. We took a bus down to the  Naha port where they are held.  Okinawan companies, school, and universities from all over the island form teams to compete.   We also had several American teams from  the different branches of the Armed Forces. Go Air Force!! While the races are taking place, a mini-carnival takes place along the dock on shore.  We enjoyed a fun day with perfect weather!

We let the kids each enjoy a few rides.  Kennedy was freaking the Japanese boys out that were in charge of the race cars. She was driving so fast and CRAZY!  I think they thought she was going to kill herself!  I have no idea where she gets that from… …

Anyway, she turned one of the corners and one of the workers decided to hitch a ride with her…just in case!  We thought it was hilarious! Oh and you have to love the piercings!!  Classic!

While Daddy and Kennedy were exploring, a couple Japanese boys won Kennedy gold fish in one of the games. They were so excited.  Daddy tried to refuse the fish, but the boys looked SO sad!  We ended up taking them home with us. Kennedy was thrilled, and the kids love them.  Well, that is until the first fish died a week later.  That was a bit sad.

One of the highlights of the carnival was checking out the prizes you could win! Nathan loved the colored baby chicks!  If you won the game, you could take the dyed chick home!  Seriously, so Japanese!! Kawaii ne!!








Don’t mind how beat up Kennedy looks!  She got one of her teeth knocked out by a boy at school…on accident. Then, she fell did  somersaults all the way down our stairs. Definitely something you should avoid doing! Our stairs are so hard and dangerous.  Each stair has a metal plate at the edge.  More to come on this in another post!!  Just thought I’d explain why she was looking a little worse for the wear!











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  • Grandmama

    What fun! We saw dragon boat races on an Amazing Race episode. Fascinating! Nate’s knees look a bit beat up as well! Love the colored chicks! XXOO

  • colleen call

    The Dragon races look exciting. The kids look so happy. Nate may have a career with air planes with that big smile!

  • Suzy

    Sounds like a fun outing!! The chicks made me smile!

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