Whale Watching


Once a year the Humpback Whales come to the waters of Okinawa to breed and raise their calves.  Since we didn’t try it last year, we decided to give it a shot.  Nathan has been talking a lot about boats and buoys in his Kindermusik class.  They’ve been reading stories and singing songs all about riding a big blue boat out on the sea.  He was so excited when we spotted a bright red buoy coming right out of the port. It look just like the ones in his book.  Anxious to see lots of whales and their babies, Nathan cupped his hands and began calling to the whales.  The couple next to us got quite the kick out of his excitement, enthusiasm, and fantastic whale calls.  Seriously, our kids are awesome!!  It was kind of slow att first and we were nervous that we weren’t going to see many.  As soon as the first spout was spotted, we were all so excited.   Nathan’s whale calls must have worked!  We jumped up and all ran back and forth to watch the whales.  How amazing.  The kids we mesmerized with how large they were.  Nathan remembered dolphins from our time living in Florida.  He kept stating in awe, “Mommy, these dolphins are SO BIG!”  He could not believe that they had eyelashes, and chattered on and on about it!  It still seems to come up almost every time he talks to Grandma and Grandpapa on the phone.  We got very good at spotting where the whales were going to come up.  The water would turn all glassy and then it would go light turquoise. So fun!  The whales were so close to us!  They would spout mist up high in to the air, do tail slaps, and dive to and fro.  You can imagine the excitement that erupted when a whale did it’s famous breach move right in front of our boat!  This is when the whale thrust 1/3 of it’s ginormous torso out of the water.  Holds it for a minute and then releases it with a fantastic SPLASH!!  Amazing!  We all clapped and cheered!

During one of the lulls in the excitement, the kids took a potty break.  Somehow, Kennedy ended up locking herself in the tiny bathroom on the boat.  These were not big boats at all!!  The worst part came when we picked up speed and she was staggering around in there.  It was so loud that I couldn’t tell that she was having problems.  Just as I was about to check on her, one of the deck crew guys walked past and heard her.  He helped her get out.  I’ll just say that she was  pretty upset and looked pretty green after that.  She decided to stay on the bottom level with our friend and their daughter who weren’t fans of the boat ride.  All in all it was a wonderful experience and we made such fun memories!




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  • Grandmama

    Great pictures! What an exciting adventure! Yep- I get to hear about those eye lashes all the time. They made a BIG impression. So cute!

  • Tara

    AMAZING!!! What an awesome experience! I love how excited Nathan was- calling to the whales and everything! I’m sure he will never forget that! I’m sorry about Kennedy- that would sure make me sick and a little sea-wary!

  • Suzy

    WOW! LOVE the photos. We’ve been wanting to do that on the Oregon Coast, but haven’t yet. Kind of funny what stays with kids, like eyelashes! I’m with Tara, I would probably feel and act the same way! Some of the hard things about being on smaller boats !

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