Fire, fire, fire!!!

It’s not everyday that you set the couch on fire!!  

Brian was not feeling well, but needed to fulfill his responsibilities in the branch presidency. As the kids and I were sitting in the sacrament meeting, Kennedy leaned over to me and said she wasn’t feeling well at all.  Brian decided to take Kennedy home with him.  I gave nurses orders that they both take a nap.  Apparently Brian did, but Kennedy…not so much.  I was sitting in Relief Society when I get the following text:

“Kennedy lit the couch on fire with the blow dryer… (flames). Any advice for removing burn marks??”

I am thinking to myself, “What in the world!!??”

Seriously, I am good, but I’m not a miracle worker!!!  There’s not too much that you can do for a couch that’s been set on fire!!

As soon as I got home, I inquire as to what in the world was going on.

Brian told me that Kennedy scrubbed something off the couch with water.  I never did find out what was being scrubbed off.  Hmm….at that point, this seemed pretty minor!  Kennedy went to get a blow dryer to dry the couch off.  She started to dry it, and Brian fell asleep curled up at the other end of the couch.  He slept  until the  flames woke him up!

At this point I start talking, okay lecturing, about how uncool it is to send such a text.  Oh yes, and how maybe there should have been more parental support.

Kennedy interjects in the conversation, “What!  Dad you said you were going to text Mom that WE set the couch on fire.  You’re the one that told me to get the blow dryer!”

Uh oh!  I guess Dad got caught!! Tee hee hee!

Apparently the closer she held it to the couch, the faster it dried.  She pressed it right in to the couch, and it sparked and caught fire.

I guess the lesson here is that Brian doesn’t get to stay home sick with the kids anymore!!  🙂

What a Sunday!!

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  • Elise

    Oh my HILARIOUS!! I have been laughing out loud at your last 2 posts. That fire could have been scary (glad it wasn’t). Keep em coming!!

  • Grandmama

    Oh my!! Bri I fear your days of blaming things on the kiddos are over! So sad. I must confess I am anxious to check out the couch damage in person!! Love you guys, arsonists and all!

  • Suzy

    Oh, man! Makes for a much funnier story being the one to tell it, and not having lived it! We’ll be praying for your family’s never ending health, so no one ever has to stay home from church again! 🙂

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