The Hair Mix-up

A couple weeks ago, Kennedy was helping me make cornbread.  We pulled out the bowl, and the hand mixer.  She would read the recipe, and then run and grab all the ingredients.  She loves to cook, and is such a good helper.  I was assisting her with the hand mixer, and she told me, “I’ve got this Mom.  I can do it all by myself!”  I figured now was as good of a time as any to give it shot, so I turned the mixer over to her, and she did great.

I told her I was just going to start putting some of the ingredients away while she finished mixing it.  I turned away, and the next thing I know Kennedy is being beat in the head with the hand mixer.  I quick yanked the power cord and ejected the beaters, but it only took a second to rip out an enormous amount of hair.  Poor Kennedy’s scalp was bleeding, and everyone was a bit traumatized!  I will add that Kennedys hair was all pulled back into a bun.  The best I can figure is that some of her front little wispy pieces fell down when she bent over to look in the bowl.  After that, it was all over!!

Over the next few days a scab formed, and so did some nice bruises.  Now that it’s been several weeks, a bunch of short little hairs along the front of her hair line that were just broken off have grown a bit.  They are now a little bit of an awkward length. Also, has little stubs of hair that are just starting to poke out where the scab has fallen off.

Having recently learned about Madame CJ Walker and her experiences with hair loss, Kennedy concluded that it was pretty appropriate that she play her in the school skit.  Unfortunately, Kennedy suffered from bad headaches for awhile.  In fact, I would say that it’s just been the last week that the headaches have started to go away.  I had the doctor fill out a special form so that school nurse could administer Tylenol to Kennedy as needed.  Poor princess.

The whole incident made quite the impact on everyone, but especially Kennedy.  She wrote in her school journal about the incident, and several teachers at school recommended that it be submitted to a magazine of children’s literature.  I still haven’t read the story, but Kennedy was picked by the magazine as one of 6 children Kindergarten through Second grade to be published.  I guess I’ll have to wait until I can get my hands on a copy of that magazine!! I’m just dying to read her story!!


The nice scab!


Hair in recovery mode…looking pretty good considering!

Kennedy 7years oldred
And a closer look at our new zig zag hairline!

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  • Grandmama

    Very traumatizing for us to hear about – but I am glad the hair is growing back! She is still cute as can be!! I would like to read her account of the great hair mix-up to!!

  • katie

    I’d love to read her story too. Even with a little missing hair – she looks so stinkin cute in that kitty sweater outfit! I love it!

  • Suzy

    Oh man, that sounds very scary! Glad her hair is growing back too! She’s still a beauty, and I’m very interested to read her story!

  • Beth Munns

    OH MY! How scary! She’s still one of the cutest little girls ever! How awesome about being published though!

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