Seriously little man! You did what!?

The other day Nathan came and found me in the kitchen. “Mom, I’m all sticky! “

Still working I said, “Well, how did you get so sticky?”

Proudly he replies, ” I think you better come see!”

Oh no!! I turn to find his BIG grin!

Let’s just say I thought it was a little funny until I saw my bathroom wall, and his bedroom wall was covered even worse!!

Nathan had found one of Kennedy’s stamps from school.  She picked it out of the treasure box just the day before.

Mommy didn’t have a grin on her face anymore!

Luckily, the magic eraser came to my rescue once again!  Seriously, what did moms do before they had magic erasers!? One of the best inventions in my opinion!

Oh, and in case your wondering, I made Nathan put on the rubber gloves and scrub the walls!

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  • Grandmama

    Oh… That smile just tells it all! I’m sure Uncle Chris is glad to hear you are a magic eraser fan! Oh yea! I will show restraint and not mention a certain little girl who stuck stickers all over her bedroom wallpaper – her brand new bedroom wall paper during naptime!! 😉

  • Suzy

    Oh, I tell you…Those are the times that they look the proudest of themselves! :/ Rubber gloves and magic erasers! Some of my favorites too!

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