Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam (and a CTR)!




A special thanks to Aunt Katie for snagging the matching button up shirt for Nate.  Now his outfit is complete!!  I’m so lucky to have my sister and my Mom as my personal shoppers.  They  always keep their eyes out for stuff they know is on my wish list for my kids.  I couldn’t survive living here in Japan without you both!!  You’re the BEST EVER!!!  The only thing better would be shopping with you!! XOXO!

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  • Grandmama

    I have to say it is hard work keeping those little ones dressed in cute clothes…. and Katie works even harder at it than I do but only because she has ALL the good stores in Cincinnati and we have none in Pocatello. Well except for our TJMaxx – it rocks!! XXOO to you too!

  • katie

    Ah, he looks so handsome in that outfit. I knew that color would look so good on him! I love seeing pictures of those cute kids in the clothes I get for you. It is the reward for all of my hard work. 🙂

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