Miscellaneous Valentine’s Day Fun

Now, if that’s not a catchy title, I don’t know what is!! Ok, not so creative tonight!

Well, since life was just a little hectic at the Call house, our V-day fun is just a little random. Who says you can only celebrate love one day of the year!?

Brian got back into town right before Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, because you are gone for work doesn’t mean you won’t have a stack waiting for you when you return. He was swamped with church and work, so our Valentine’s dinner was spread out over about a week.  Every year I plan a fun family dinner.  Fun food and decorations, you get the idea.  Somehow in the process of having it, I didn’t get pictures.  Boo!

Just so I don’t totally disaapoint, I took pictures of some of our fun.  The kids and I made homemade pretzels (some were heart shaped), and Valentine’s day houses while Brian was gone.  Also, we created Kennedy’s love bug Valentine box for school and did valentines for all of her classmates.

Messy, but fun!

Nate decorated one side of his house, and then just started to eat it!!  He’s always LOVED gingerbread! I should have taken a picture to document the destruction!

We frosted our gingerbread houses, the counter, the walls, and our noses of course!!

Kennedy had definite ideas of what she wanted to do for her box.  After checking out what we had at home to work with, I told her we could stop at the crafty shop and see what other supplies we could get our hands on.  Kennedy decided to make a love bug.  She was thrilled to see the styrofoam balls!  That’s when the ideas really started to fly!  She is so creative.  If it was up to her, the lady bug would light up and it’s wings would flap too.  I guess I’m just not that cool!! 

 She was thrilled with her finished product.  It definitely ended up with plenty of girlie sparkle and bling! She’s always good a that!

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  • Grandmama

    So fun!! I always get so involved having fun that I forget to get the camera out and take pictures! 🙂 Loved the Valentine box – very cute! Some of my very favorite Valentines live in Okinawa!!! 🙂

  • Tara

    SOOO CUTE!!! And I love the matching bug T-shirt to match! I know you guys had fun- you always know how to manage that, Nat!

  • katie

    Ha ha! What a cute Love Bug – Kennedy and her Valentine’s box.

  • Suzy

    Wow!! Love the Valentine’s box, and I can’t say that I blame Nate, the houses look pretty irresistible!

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