Monument Beach and Kana Dam

As the last stop on our get-away, we took the scenic route home, and found monument beach. We hunted for shells and sea glass, and even found the sunshine!!! At Kana Dam, we had a gorgeous view and Nathan took a nap. He woke long enough to ask for a gummy worm, and then fell asleep before he even got to eat it! Silly boy! We do play hard in our family!

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  • Kellie Park

    HA HA! We found Waldo I mean Kennedy right in the middle of the FRIEND! So CUTE!

  • Grandmama

    So many of these pictures made me laugh. Nate with the raincoat almost sitting in the water and totally drenched – not to mention the gummy worm! Kennedy with her cover-up dress up around her neck! What a silly girl. And Bri with the umbrella – like really Bri did you seriously think that was going to do anyone any good? What a silly crew!!

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