Trunk-or-Treat and Chili Cook-off



Every year our branch at church does a Trunk-or -Treat for the kids.  They love it.  We meet for dinner and have a chili cook-off.  There is always quite the spread of food.  What could be better?  Friends, fun, sugar, and yummy food!  The kids went around  to all the cars, and got their candy.  They had quite the stash!   Then, Kennedy decided that she was going to help Brian hand out candy.  She sat in the back in the back with Daddy and loved every minute. When we ran out, she started to hand out the candy in her bag.  In her opinion, “Tis better to give than to receive!” I wasn’t complaining either!  Nathan on the other had was more into the eating as you go method.


 Fancy Nancy


trunk-or-treat8Kennedy and Destiny, her friend from school.

trunk-or-treat6Better lighten the load and eat MORE candy!!!


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  • Grandmama

    Love that Mischievous George and I think our Fancy Kennedy is even fancier than Fancy Nancy! What a sweet girl to give away her own candy -now that is the way to get on Santa’s “Nice List”!! Such a tender heart in that little girl!

  • Tara

    I love their costumes! The ribbon on the shoes was a nice touch! So cute! And that is a sweet girl to share her candy! I’m glad to hear you get to celebrate Halloween in Japan, too!

  • Shanna

    What cute little costumes! Nice work! I can’t believe how grown-up little Nathan is looking. Handsome little dude:)

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