Student of the Week!


Kennedy was the student of the week (in October- Opps!!) !!  She worked very hard on her poster to share with her class. Then she got to bring in show and tell all week to  let the class get to know her better.  I think she did a great job summing herself up in a poster.  The bows and glitter spoke volumes!!  In case you were wondering.  Kennedy’s songs are her favorite songs!   She is quite the song writer, and I’ve found her lyrics all over the house lately.  She is even a part of a band that practices during recess and performs once a week during recess too.  This was all quite the news to Brian and I!!


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  • Suzy

    Wow, great job on your poster, Kennedy!! It looks amazing. I love the pictures. The bow and sparkles are very dazzling, like you! I would love to hear some of your songs. What a busy October you’ve all had, three birthdays, Halloween, trunk-or-treating with your branch (makes my heart melt to think of Kennedy willingly sharing her candy…being a good sharer runs in the family I think), student of the week, and much much more!! What sweet friends you have to make you yummy cakes, have a band with, and make you feel special on your birthday!! But of course, from a totally unbiased opinion 🙂 , you’re the best kinds of friends to have! Love you guys, and miss you!!

  • Grandmama

    You are Grandma’s student of the week every week! Great poster – yep the bows and glitter were just the right touch for our “Fancy” girl!! I think you are a very talented songwriter – just like your Daddy!! I am just glad you are more willing to perform them than your Dad is! Grandma pretty much has to beg and twist his arm – huh Bri!!

  • katie

    Wow Kennedy! I’m impressed! Your poster is very fancy, and I’m dying to hear these songs you have been creating! 🙂

  • That girl always amazes me!!!!!! She really is so special! As always, I love all of your pics!!!!

  • Tara

    Congratulations, Kennedy!! I love your poster! I would love to hear some of your songs that you wrote, too! We think you are a pretty neat girl and we love you!

  • Shanna

    Great job on your t-shirt Kennedy! I love how colorful and sparkly it is!

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