Pumpkin fun!


 We decided to spare us any trips to the ER this year,  I usually try to cut a thumb off, and went with the Mr. Potato Head style pumpkins.  Besides, I have hopes that my pumpkins won’t rott  this year so fast in the heat and humidity here!  The kids picked out a witch, pirate, and a skeleton.  Pretty scary..for sure!  They were actually very perfect for the kids!  They loved them and fun was had by all.  Plus, we didn’t see any blood this year, that’s always a bonus! 🙂

P.S.  It’s only a tiny bit embarrassing that Kennedy looks like she’s in her underwear!  Well, she practically is.  Kennedy was so hot that she didn’t want to put  her pajamas on, so she opted for the undershirt with some monkey bar shorts!  Perfect night for that!  Oh well!!

Nathan was so proud of his pirate pumpkin. I got the holes started and he did the rest! Too cute!  Holidays are SO much fun with little kids!  Everything is SO exciting!



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  • Grandmama

    Cute!! The cutest thing is that Kennedy is all stripped down and Nathan is in his fleece! 🙂 You can tell which one was born in Idaho and which one is the Florida boy for sure!! Those Idahoans have to crack out the shorts when it hits 50 degrees out.

  • Suzy

    Grandmama makes me laugh!! 🙂 The pumpkins are a brilliant idea!! They turned out super cute! Gotta love the absence of bodily injury!! 🙂

  • katie

    Super cute! What a fun idea for pumpkins!

  • colleen call

    Happy Halloween! It looks like it comes early there. We painted pumpkin faces and that is mostly safer than knives if you don’t mind a little paint here and there. We love all the fun creative holiday ideas! I can not imagine the hours that went into the birthday cakes! You are brave to do even one but TWO! That takes the cake!

  • Tara

    What cuties- kids & pumpkins! We didn’t even do pumpkins this year- that’s sad, isn’t it? Like you said, they rot too fast. Maybe we’ll try your potato head style next year!!

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