Halloween Carnival

SOG party3

What will you be on Halloween night??

Brian’s work had a fun Halloween carnival for the kids.  Even though Brian wasn’t in town, I decided to take the kids anyway.  Kennedy was thrilled to be dressed up as Fancy Nancy and would periodically exclaim, “I hardly recognize myself!”  It made me giggle how much she loved her outfit.  I had a great time piecing it together.  As Brian put it, I am constantly working on “a project”.  I think it was a compliment.  I took it that way!   When Brian’s boss asked if Kennedy was going to jump in the jumpy castle like her brother, she responded, “Well, I have a tiara on of course!  Besides, I wouldn’t want my boas to loose any feathers!”   She definitely enjoyed being fancy for the day!  Brian’s boss has a couple boys at home, so he got a pretty good laugh out of Kennedy’s response.  Next he asked her if she was a movie star. “No!” ….a princess?  “No, Fancy Nancy!”  He told Kennedy that he was going to go look into Fancy Nancy because he was sure that his wife would love her too!

Nathan was thrilled to be a monkey.  However, he wasn’t just any monkey.  He was Curious George!  He loved every sweaty minute of it!  I love the Old Navy costumes, but the last few years, they’ve been a little toasty for where we are living.  Nathan didn’t seem to mind and worked up a sweat in the jumpy castle with his full costume on.  After exiting the castle, I finally persuaded him to take his hood off so he could cool down.  It wasn’t easy though!

The kids enjoyed the afternoon full of games, fun, food, great people, and WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!!

SOgpumpkin bowling
Pumpkin bowling was a huge hit! The kids went over and over!

SOGpumpkin bowlingnate Nathan bowled more like a shot putter, but he didn’t smash the real pumpkin open. I was relieved!


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  • Grandmama

    Cute cute costumes on your cute cute kids!! Fancy Nancy turned out just perfect!! I hardly recognize Kennedy either and Curious George is so cool! Holidays are so fun with little ones! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

  • Suzy

    The kids look great in their costumes!! Miss Kennedy, looks just posh, and we love Curious George here too! The carnival sounds and looks like such fun. I wish I could’ve seen them bowling pumpkins!

  • katie

    I love it! You can tell Nathan thinks he is so awesome in his monkey outfit. ANd Kennedy girl, wow! She is sure fancy and she knows it, huh?! What cute kids!

  • Tara

    SOOOOO cute!! We sure love that Curious George and Fancy Nancy!

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