Nathan turns 3 years Old!

Happy Birthday Nate Nate!

Mr.Handsome pants

For Nathan’s 3 birthday he requested a barn cake like his Lego barn. He wanted animals and all, so I set to work, and here’s the finished product!

It was a hit! He loved it, and it was so cute to watch him pick at all the little animals. He giggled with delight as he ate each one. It made all the hand cramps worth it! Tee Hee Hee!
We started the day out with a birthday breakfast. Nathan requested orange pancakes, so we had pumpkin pancakes and he loved it. Who wouldn’t love chocolate chips for breakfast? Right??!

NateBirthday Wish

Next, we skyped with Grandparents while the kids opened their gifts.
birthday excitement

Our sweet little man in his new birthday outfit! Dad thought his baseball jersey was way neat too!! Thanks Mom and Dad!
Nate 3

Grandma and Grandpapa hat also gave Nathan a curious George space book and movie, which he loved. He was very thrilled since he is going to be Curious George for Halloween this year. Continuing with the space theme, they also gave him the neatest stomp rocket. I’ve heard it came with rave reviews from Ethan and Dallas! Hey, I wanted a chance to jump on the launch pad! 🙂

Stomp rocket
Birthday book

Knowing that Nathan was both a Legos and Cars fan,  Grandma and Grandpa Call gave Nathan a Cars Lego set he’s been dreweling over for months! Now, that’s one happy birthday boy!
birthday boy2

Nathan decided that his activity of choice would be to ride the ferris wheel at American Village, so that’s just what we did. While we were there we broke down for a few 100 Yen rides. After all, it’s not your birthday everyday!


Don’t worry about those Band-Aids, it’s just his vampire bite!

Ready to board with our mini drinks in hand! The excitement was over the moon!




So nice of Dad to make it home in time to party with us!!!

We even got to go around twice!!





Kennedy’s almost too big for the merry-go-round! Sniffle sniffle!
We ended the trip to the park with a train ride for the kids…

Oh, and Dad hopped on to help get the train started and away he went!!! I know he really meant to do that!

With all that fun, we worked up an appetite for some food. Kennedy wanted to go to Macaroni Grill, but Nathan insisted that we go to Macaroni “Boy”. We did and got a good laugh out of it. Every time we slipped up, he would tell us, “No, not girl, I want to go to the Macaroni Boy!”

Nate was wiped out, so he crashed for a nap when we got home. After waking up from the nap, we had cake, ice cream, and more presents! FINALLY!!
3rd b-day


Nate B-day32



Thrilled to get more Geo Trax and Hero Factory guys! Those are some of his other favorite things!!

One year older and wiser too!  Happy Birthday to you!

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  • katie

    Ah! What a cute cake and what a cute birthday boy! The cake turned out great Nat! The Macaroni Boy thing is cracking me up! It sounds like the perfect birthday!

  • Grandmama

    You took lots of great pictures! Thank you! I’m laughing over macaroni Boy too! That is too funny! The cake turned out so cute -see I told you those frosting animals were going to be worth all that work!! 🙂 Glad Daddy made it back home in time to celebrate – I notice he is sporting quite the “freckle tan”! 🙂 Hmm – let’s see who else has a birthday at your house this month?~~

  • Suzy

    Ahh, Macaroni Boy! 🙂 Too funny. What a wonderful birthday, and birthday boy!! The cake is incredible!! Happy Birthday Nathan!!

  • Tara

    That is priceless – Macaroni Boy!! Our boys always called girls- grills, too! love it! Wow! That is an awesome cake- you need to write a cake decorating book, Nat! You are amazing! Looks like it was a wonderful birthday. I’m not sure where you got the energy for 2 birthdays in a row! We sure love you, Nate!

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