This month is such a special one,

It’s birthday time for us!!


Our Kennedy is 7 years old!

We started off by joining Kennedy at school for lunch and cupcakes with her classmates!  Mom sent me a cupcake book that had these butterfly cupcakes in it.  They were really easy and  I think they turned out really cute too.  Plus they were a huge hit with the girls and boy…oh and teachers!!

Birthday girl school2 Don’t you love how her teacher misspelled her name. Hmmm…

Butterfly cupcakes 7yrs This picture is a little washed out, but the cupcakes had a light blue frosting.

Baking Birthday cakes

Ballerina bear cake

Since Kennedy and Nathan’s birthdays are so close together (9th and 10th of October) we had a serious cake production going on at our house.  The kids were so cute and excited as they picked out their cakes and told me just what they wanted.  We’re talking down to the detail!  Kennedy chose a ballerina bear in a blueish turquoise tutu.  Note that it couldn’t be too blue or too turquoise.  Too light or too dark.  Thankfully she thought that her cake was perfect.  I think she said it was almost too cute to eat, but that didn’t really stop us!

Birthday wishes

To celebrate Kennedy’s birthday, we went to the local live theater and watched the play “James and the Giant Peach”. Kennedy has been reading some of Roald Dahl’s books. She thought it was very fun and is anxious to read the book now. Then of couse we ate cake, opened presents, webcamed with the Grandparents and play, play, played!

Strawberry birthday
birthday girl

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  • Grandmama

    Happy Birthday Kennedy! What fun!! The cake is so cute – I love the tutu! I noticed Kennedy was eating a piece with lots of tutu frosting! 🙂 Yum!! I loved the artwork hung on the dining room wall too! Very impressive!! The sweet yoga move in her birthday outfit cracks me up! We sure love that birthday girl – she is one of a kind!!

  • Suzy

    Happy Birthday Kennedy!! The cake is adorable. I love Kennedy’s expressions as she was opening her presents! The cupcakes were super cute too!! It’s bittersweet having birthdays a day apart. It makes awhile before crazy hectic, but the kids love all of the celebrating right in a row!

  • Tara

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful Kennedy! What a fun day! The cupcakes were so cute! (We’ve made those before, thanks to Grandma, too, but yours were cuter!) And you cake is AMAZING! Kennedy is lucky to have a Mom that can make a cake like that. I don’t even know how you got the colors so exact. Our boys LOVED “James and the Giant Peach”, too!! We love you, Kennedy!

  • katie

    Happy Birthday Kennedy Girl! The ballerina bear cake turned out adorable. I love the ruffly tutu! What a crazy fun time for you all! I’m so glad Daddy got to be there to celebrate!

  • I wish we lived closer. Your Kennedy and my Elodie would be best friends! I just know it! Elodie turned 7 on September 3rd. So fun! Happy Birthday Kennedy.

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