Back 2 School!

Back to school 1stgrade

Wow!  Where did the summer go, and how in the world do we have a 1st grader!?

 Unfortuantely, we missed the meet and greet because Brian and I were still in Tokyo.   However, our wonderful friends, who were watching the kids for us ,took Kennedy to check out her new classroom and to meet her new teacher.  As soon as Brian and I were back in town, we scheduled a meeting with Kennedy’s teacher, so we could meet her also since Brian was deploying and would miss back to school night!

Kennedy is loving 1st Grade and Mrs. Bueno!  We are excited for a wonderful year!  Nathan wasn’t sure about having Kennedy head off to school.  He misses her tons and asks me all day if it’s time to go get Kennedy yet.  I am so grateful that they are such good little buddies.  He seemed a little more satisfied when I told him that he got to do “Mommy School” this year.  He’s pretty excited to get to play together and have it called school! 😉

first day of school

heavy backpack
Such a heavy bag, for such a tiny thing! All loaded up with new school supplies!

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  • Grandmama

    Too cute! What a cute outfit and what a cute face! I especially LOVE the one lifting her heavy bag – she is always SO dramatic!! Hmmm – where does she get that from?

  • Suzy

    How does the saying go, “Dynamite comes in small packages” ? 🙂 I can see why Nathan misses his big sister. She’s pretty amazing! “Mommy School” sounds like fun! I wish I could go!! Especially with Natalie as the teacher!!

  • colleen call

    Our blessing on a wonderful first grade experience for Kennedy. She is just so fun! I know you will love the time with Nathan too. It is just a great opportunity to work one on one. Nathan will love playing with mom. Thanks for all you are doing to keep the home front going smoothly in Brian’s absence. Wish we could hear how he is doing.

  • CUTE girl! love her gymboree outfit! I can spot one a mile away!

  • Shanna

    Hope you’re loving first grade, Kennedy! You’ll be top of the class, I’m sure:) And I bet Nate will love the one on one time with Mom!

  • Tara

    What a cute 1st grader!! That is so sweet how much Nate misses her but I bet he will love the one on one time with his wonderful Mommy! We love y’all!

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