A little Brother Sister Banter

Handsome 2


Kennedy and Nathan sitting at the counter working on art projects while I make dinner.  Nathan begins coloring on Kennedy’s masterpiece.

 In a most disgusted voice she says, “Nathan Charles Call!”

He simple turns to her and mimics, “Kennedy Charles Call!”

Kennedy shoots back, “I don’t have a middle name!”

Nathan matter-of-factly says,“Well, now you do!”

no tooth 2

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  • katie

    Ha ha! that is too funny!

  • Shanna

    Ha ha! That’s a great story. What a little tease!

  • Grandmama

    That will make me giggle for a long time! I think Kennedy’s going to have her hands full with that little brother of hers!! He is so amusing!!

  • colleen call

    What a kid! Well, what 2 kids! We love them!

  • camille myers

    that is so cute! your kids are so adorable!!

  • Grandmama

    (Actually, Suzy from Grandmama’s computer)… So funny!! Too clever of a boy that Mr. Nathan!

  • Tara

    Just look at that face!! Is he a Dennis the Menace, or what? SO CUTE!!

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