Last day of School

Kindergarten Graduation

Kennedy graduated from Kindergarten on June 16th!  Her class had some fun songs to share, and each student had the chance to share something that they learned about during the year.  Kennedy loved Kindergarten, and much of the credit goes to her wonderful teacher Mrs. Purifoy, and the class aid Ms. Poppy.  It was truly a wonderful year.  It was a fun day full of smiles, hugs, and lots of tears.  Because Ms. Poppy moved towards the end of school, Ms. Bruce a sub filled in and helped out in the class.  Kennedy we are so proud of you and the sweetheart that you are!

Kindergarten Graduation 2Crazy proud family!

Crazy Kinder classCrazy fun Class!

Kennedy and Mrs. Purifot

Mrs. Purifoy

Kennedy Ms. Bruce

Ms. Bruce

Bob Hope

Showing off her work to Nathan!

Me and Annabell

Kennedy and her friend Annabell.

Me and Cassie

Kennedy and her friend Cassie

Me and Ryan

Kennedy and her friend Ryan.


Kennedy and her friend Reagan.

Teacher gift purifoyTeacher gift Bruce

Here’s the teacher’s gifts I made.  I filled the cans with homemade chocolate and lemon crinkle cookies and then Kennedy and I decorated the cans with cute paper and ribbon.  I loved how they turned out!

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  • Grandmama

    Cutest kindergartener ever!! I love the caps with the crayons for tassels! Too cute!! Hope first grade is just as fun and successful!! We love you Kennedy!!

  • Suzy

    Kennedy, congratulations!! The teacher’s gifts turned out really cute!! Kennedy, we’re so proud of you!!

  • Tara

    What a cute kindergartener! And now school is about to start up again (for us anyway) – where did the summer go?!! I love how the teacher’s gift turned out, too!

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