Gate 2 Park 6
You can’t visit Okinawa and not try out the rollerslides!  Right???  We definitely didn’t get to explore enough of the CRAZY fun parks  with Grandma and Grandpapa while they were here.

Gate 2 Park 5

GAte 2 Park 9
Gate 2 Park 8

Gate 2Park 4

This is a seriously freaky DEAD-DROP slide!  You hang from a pull up like bar and let your body drop straight down.  The slide eventually catches you and you slide the rest of the way down.  I’ve posted several videos so you can watch us in action!

Poor Grandpapa learned that you have to keep your arms tucked in or you get a nice friction burn on your arms! OUCH! However, that didn’t stop him from going again!


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  • Grandmama

    I love the videos!! I’m especially glad you captured the audience of bemused Japanese senior citizens out for a morning round of croquet!! Awesome!!

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