Hedo Point

Hedo POint 10

On the way home from Okuma, we decided to take the scenic route and head to the most Northern point of the island, and drive home along the Eastern side of the island.  It was fun to take in the view and discover a few funny treasure along the way!

Hedo Point1

Hedo Point2
Hedo Point 4
hedo point 7
Hedo Point2
hedo point 4
Hedo point 3

hedo point 5

While we were checking out the view from Hedo Point, we spotted what appeared to be a chicken! What in the world?! We decided we MUST go check it out.

As soon as we found the chicken, Kennedy got out of the car and said, “Just so you know, it’s an Okinawa Rail, not a chicken!”  Well, alright then!  She has learned a lot in her Japanese class, and has proved to be quite informative on more than one occasion.  It’s nice to have our little tour guide!  We all had a good time climbing the Okinawa Rail!

After accidentally leaving our cooler at Okuma, Kennedy was quite concerned about what we would do.  Thankfully there are drink machines in random places all over Okinawa.   We were able to stopped at one and get a little refreshment.  Some of us a little more refreshment than others!

Pocari Sweat

Nothing like a little Procari Sweat to help you beat the heat. Doesn’t that sound so appetizing? Well, according to Brian, it tastes about like…sweat! YUMMY!  Why he picked that one in the first place is just a mystery to me?!

Kouri Island

Kouri Island 2

Here’s a little silly Kouri Island action. Maybe next visit we will have to play a little longer here. It did make a scenic potty stop though!

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  • Grandmama

    Can I just say I loved the big chicken?! Too much fun obviously!!

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