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nakamura gateSince Grandpapa was feeling a little under the weather, he decided to stay home and nap  while we took off and played.  First stop was an old traditional Okinawa farmer’s house.  It was really fun to walk through the house and get a feel for what it would have been like.  Nothing like dutch oven cooking all the time!  It was a gorgeous setting with a fun little garden to walk through.
Nakamura-ke Farmer House 8

Nakamura-ke Farmers house 1
Nakamura-Ke Farmers house 2This fish pond in front of the house had huge colorful fish.

Nakamura-ke Farmers house 3

Nakamura-ke Farmers House 4

Nakamura-ke Farmers house
nakamura-ke farmers house 5This is one of the Shishi dogs standing guard outside the house. It is believed that they will provide protection and keep  the good spirits in and the bad spirits away.

Nakamura-ke farmers house 6

In Japan, you MUST always take your shoes off before entering a Japanese home to protect the tatami mats which are used to both sit and sleep on.  However, I’ve learned that they do this also at their schools and other public buildings. According to Kennedy, who is becoming a vast fountain of Japanese knowledge, the children are responsible for cleaning their school.

nakamura farmers house roof

I love the rusty red tile roofs of the homes.  Okinawa is a photographers heaven! Even still, the amateur that I am, I enjoy snapping away too!


Nakagusuku Castle


Right down the road from the farmer’s house is another castle ruin. Okinawa is dotted with castle sites from North to South.  We decided to stop.  However, the sun had come out and the day was gorgeous.  So, we made it a very quick stop and headed to the beach!

Maeda Flats


Maeda Flats 1

As you can see in the picture, tide was really low!  This made it perfect for exploring the tide pools and all the critters in them.  We buried each other in the sand.  We also went swimming, and tried not to step on sea urchins and sea cucumber. Daddy took the chance to hop over the reef for some snorkeling.  I was rather disappointed to realize that my snorkel mask won’t fit over my glasses! If you know me well, then you know it’s pointless to snorkel without my glasses on!

Maeda Flats 2

Maeda Flats 4
Maeda Flats 6

Maeda Flats 7

Maeda Flats 8

Maeda Flats 9

Maeda Flats 10

Maeda Flats 11

Maeda Flats 12

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  • Grandmama

    Loved both of those places!! Fascinating!! Where are all the big starfish of all colors? They were so cool!!!

  • Suzy

    SO cool!! I love history, and it’s really neat to learn about the history of another country!! So glad grandma got to get in some playing at the beach! 🙂 What a beautiful island!!

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