Ocean Expo Park and the Aquarium



Ocean Expo Park

On the way to the park, we had a pit stop at the Family Mart to use the potty.  To make a painful story short, going to the potty in Japan is always an adventure.  Has anyone see Cars 2?  No joke…the bathrooms and toilets are like that.  You can only imagine the  fun a toddler could have pushing buttons. Anyways, in the middle of all this fun, I managed to get my zipper broken and Kennedy fell flat on her face.  I’ll spare you all the details, but I enjoyed the entire rest of the day with my zipper open.  Lucky for me, I had on a longer shirt!  Just don’t look too close.  I’m sure all the Japanese just thought, “Those crazy Americans!”  Ocean Expo Park is a large park with all kinds of activities and things for you to see.  We spent the whole day there and still didn’t get to do everything.  For months we’ve been watching the construction of a new children’s playground there.  The kids were thrilled to see that it was finally done.  The entire playground is a series of obsticale courses with these blue nets. It was awesome, and the kids had a great time climbing all over!




After dragging the kids away from the playground we went to the Aquarium to see all the marine life that is local to Okinawa.





I think we could have watched these two all day.  As the bigger one chased the other one all over the tank.  Hmm…


We ate taco rice and melon soda at the cafe by the ginormous tank.

After exploring the aquarium we went outside to explore the old Okinawan Village




A little taiko drum action is always fun!  In fact Kennedy took a summer culture class where she learned to actually play them!



Grandpapa was such a sport.   Doesn’t that look comfy!?Last stop at the park was the dolphin show.  Apparently I was too enthralled with the show to take pictures, so sorry!

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  • Grandmama

    You got some priceless pictures – makes me giggle!

  • Suzy

    Definitely some great shots! I had to go back and look again! 🙂 Made me smile lots!

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