Grandma and Grandpapa’s visit

I know, I know, it’s been awhile!  We’ve simply been too busy playing (and taking lots of pictures) to post on the blog!  We  are very busy enjoying our summer! 🙂  Now it’s time to play catch up!

Grandma and Grandpapa Hatt came to visit.  We are so thankful that they traveled several days, and all across the world just to visit us!  We packed in a ton of playing , lots of adventures, and plenty of photographs too.  They were quite the troopers in spite of Grandpa and Daddy getting sick.  Bummer!  Unfortunately Kennedy was in school, so some of the adventures she didn’t get to come on, but we made up for it on the weekends!

After picking Grandma and Grandpapa up from the airport, we had to go and get them guest passes, so they could come onto the base.  Grandma had a great picture and we had a good time laughing at her for the whole visit.  I promised not to post the picture here on the blog from her pass, but I may turn it in for the Hatt Family calendar!! Tee Hee Hee!

Shuri-jo Castle
Shuri castle 3

We decided to visit Naha on the southern part of Okinawa.  We visited Shuri-jo Castle and then went shopping for a special birthday gift for Halle Boo, and ate at a Japanese food court.
Shuri castle 2
Shuri castle 4
Shuri castle 8
Shuri castle 9
Shuri castle 10
Shuri castle 12

Shuri castle 15
Shuri castle 18
Shuri castle 20
Shuri castle 23
Shuri castle 22

On to the next adventure!

Katsuren Castle Ruins
Katsuren Castle Ruins 1
Lucky for us, the first weekend they were here we experience a Super Typhoon!  Yay!  Nothing like the true Okinawan experience.  It seems tradition for our family to visit Katsuren Castle Ruins during a typhoon.   So, we headed out in torrential downpour to check it out.  We weren’t about to let the Typhoon dampen our fun!  We had shoe boat races in the rivers the rain made, and Kennedy and Grandma made it their mission to make sure every snail was safe and sound!

Katsuren Castle Ruins 3
Katsuren Castle Ruins 4
KAtsuren Castle RUins 5
Katsuren Castle Ruins 6
Katsuren Castle Ruins 9
KAtsuren Castle Ruins 11

Katsuren Castle Ruins 14
Katsuren Castle Ruins 17

Katsuren Castle Ruins 16
Katsuren 5

I told you I took lots of pictures, and this was me being a little bit selective!!!  The next posts will all be graphic intensive.

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  • katie

    Yay! New pictures! I’ve been waiting a long time for these! 🙂 What a fun place to explore! And thanks for taking time to get the birthday set for Halle – it is adorable and not a day has passed without her playing with it!

  • Grandmama

    The castle wouldn’t have been half as fun if it hadn’t been raining! IT JUST ADDED TO THE ADVENTURE! 🙂 A little rain never kept us from having fun!! 🙂

  • Grandmama

    Thank you for not posting that security pass picture!! You know it was good when the guards kept looking at it with a puzzled look and asking “Who is this?” Too funny!! I guess the good news was I was unrecognizable from the picture!! You forgot to add that all our luggage was left in San Francisco and all Dad had was one pair of clean underwear in his carry on so we had to make a trip to the BX to get him some clothes. We arrived Wed but our clothes arrived Fri. SWEET!!! With the typhoon on its way we were lucky that we got them Fri!!!

  • katie

    Did you ask Grandma about the ice cream pig picture from our trip… in fact, I’ll have to email that to you just for a good laugh. Grandma sure is photogenic, huh?!

  • Tara

    You guys look soaked! I’m very impressed with your photography skills, Natalie. Yeah, I’d like to see that picture of Grandma, too 🙂

  • Suzy

    Too funny! Can there ever be too many pictures? I love them!! Although it makes me miss you guys, it helps me feel connected! Probably not too many Americans can say they’ve experienced a typhoon in Japan! 🙂

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