Grandma and Grandpa are coming to town!

Hip Hip Hooray! We are all giddy with excitement. We can’t wait to play!

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  • Suzy

    I wish we were coming to play too! He’s sooo handsome! Grandmama, now it’s our turn to be doubly jealous!! Jealous that the Calls get to see you, and jealous that you get to see the Calls!! 🙁 But glad that you both get to have so much fun!!

  • Grandmama

    Yes we are!!! 🙂 And we are dang excited about it too!!! Can’t wait and fortunately we don’t have to much longer!!! Apparently your computer is excited to see us too!!! 🙂 LOL

  • Natalie

    You mean the phone, right!? Sorry about that! Just like you said…just trying to get you moved to our schedule!

  • Angie

    YEAH!!! I wish I could come too! I’ve never been to Japan:)

  • katie

    Oh man, you know we are soooo jealous too! I wish I could come play with you guys! And I’m so anxious for our turn with Grandma and Grandpa! Have a great time! While I work like crazy to get moved and ready to play when it’s finally our turn. 🙂

    And what a handsome little guy! Too cute!

  • milt

    It is nice to enjoy grandparents and have them spoil the kids. It would be nice to tag along for sure. Have fun and keep us main landers posted on all the fun.

  • colleen call

    Have a wonderful time with the Hatt family. Grandma Hatt please take notes on the best way to adjust to the time zone difference. Give those precious kids a hug and love from us!!

  • Natalie

    They are adjusted just fine. They were tired that first day, but you just have to push it out until bedtime. Then you crash for a good nights rest! They woke up the next morning ready to explore! They agree with me it’s much easier to adjust to the time difference this way. It was much harder to get on your time when we visited!

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