Dance Recital

Kennedy started dance in November and was thrilled to finally get a spot in Mrs. Debra’s class! She’s worked very hard, and this last weekend she was able to perform her ballet and tap numbers at her recital. The performance was held at one of the middle schools on base. She did such a great job and we were such happy parents. We are so proud of her! I’m pretty sure Nathan thinks Kennedy is the neatest person ever! He adores her and everything she does! I guess that’s why we woke up Sunday morning to him all dressed up as a “rappin’ tapper” too!



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  • Grandmama

    What a great little dancer! It is sad to have missed her big performance!! Glad you got it on video!! But… where is the picture of Nate dressed up as the “rappin’ tapper”? Now THAT I would like to see too! LOL 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all SOON!!!

  • Suzy

    I loved this post!!! Kennedy, you are such a graceful ballerina! So beautiful to watch!! I love the King and I!! And wassup, miss “rappin’ tapper”?!! Reminded me of home…he, he (maybe not the tappin’ part… 🙂 ) But great tapping skills too Kennedy!! I was curious to see how Nate looked as well…TOO cute!

  • So So Cute! Great job Kennedy!

  • colleen call

    Kennedy your rhythm is so hot! You are a wonderful dancer. Maybe one day we can be to one of your recitals and we can bring a rose for you like we do for the girls here in Idaho. You are defintely darling!

  • Great job Kennedy!

  • katie

    Wow! Kennedy, great job! You are a great dancer! Wish I could have been there in person, but thanks for sharing the video. Hugs to you all!

  • Shanna

    Great job, Kennedy! You have great rhythm and you are very graceful. Glad I got to see you in your cute dance costumes. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tara

    Very impressive! You are a great dance, Kennedy! And I’m sure have worked very hard to be that good!

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