Secret Beach

This post is a little past due, but better late than never. Right? Some friends of ours are getting ready to PCS. Before they leave the island they wanted to take a bunch of families from the branch here to one of their families favorite beach spots. It’s been a couple weeks ago, but it was an awesome find, so I just had to blog about it! The day was beautiful, but there was a slight breeze, so we didn’t wear our swimsuits. However, in the end, the kids ended up in the water up to their necks, and I wished that I could get in also! As they say here, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!” It was a nice relaxing afternoon. We enjoyed friends, food, and the beauty of this island paradise we call home!

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  • Grandmama

    That looks like a great beach! I guess now that they are leaving they wanted to share the “secret”. Counting days until we get to see you all in person!!

  • colleen call

    We could use some of that sun and sea about now. We hope the Hatt’s bring some back with them and we hope they take lots of hugs from Idaho to you as well. It is nice to see Mommy and Daddy. You are both so cute and handsome, respectively. I see Nathan changing with each blog. He is growing so fast.

  • Suzy

    Yes, just another day in paradise!! Definitely no place like your new home for sure!!

  • Tara

    Looks gorgeous! I’m sure G&G are enjoying those beaches, too, and especially those cute people on the beaches!

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