Having a Ball!

Kennedy started tennis lesson this month and is loving each lesson.  She is learning quickly, and is the cutest tennis player in my humble opinion.  She steps up for her turn and then skips back to her spot.  It makes me giggle every time!

IMG_7783 copy

Best cheer squad EVER!

Check out these videos of our super star!

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  • katie

    I agree… cutest little tennis player ever! I’m sure that makes her daddy very happy to see her loving tennis so much!

  • Grandmama

    What a doll!! I love the skip back to place too! She looks like she has some serious tennis skills! I love how pleased with herself she looks too! That is awesome!! It IS all about having the appropriately cute outfit to wear – right mom?!! Hope Grandma and Grandpa get to join Nate-Nate in being the cheering squad!!

  • colleen call

    Move over Maria Sharapova! That was some great technique and (cute outfit!). Kennedy you are going to be amazing just like your daddy! Those sad eyes of Nathan just makes me feel like he is longing to be out there on the tennis court too!

  • roberta

    so darn cute. Yes, this is a tennis star. I don’t know if I told you but my daughter Angie was in high school tennis and they did a fun raiser for lessons. Matt and Bri were good friends, and they were pretty little. They both were on Clark’s baseball team, and they went to play tennis. Matt didn’t like it much, but oh, Bri love it. Yes, Clark never forgave Angie for that, because not too long after that Brian quit baseball and went to tennis. He is quite the guy, and I agree that Nathan wants to get out there too.

    Hey, how is Bri feeling? Tell him that Matt just got accepted to go to Nurse Anthesist school in Tennesee. I don’t know if we can survive without him here in Idaho, but you give me faith. You are loving your adventure, and they will too. WE will miss him dearly though. I am feeling the pain already.

  • Suzy

    Kennedy’s a natural!!

  • Tara

    You said it- cutest ever! Is there anything this girl can’t do?! 🙂

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