Easter “Egg”citement

We kicked off the Easter weekend with a school Easter party and egg hunt.  The kids each fluttered around hunting for their eggs numbered 1-10.  Kennedy has loved school this year, and her teacher Mrs. Purifoy has been wonderful for her. We feel so lucky! Nathan thought it was pretty awesome that they had a separate egg hunt set up for the siblings.  Less competition for the eggs! 😉

Saturday morning we had a work Easter party for the kids and an egg hunt.  We started the morning with all kinds of yummy breakfast foods, and then the projects for the kids began.  Crafts, cookies, and lots of sugar!   The kids went on a great egg hunt and found tons of eggs, candy, and money!  However, this is where our Easter weekend got a bit interesting.  Brian tried to pass out at the party.  He didn’t seem to be feeling any better by the time we got home, so I took him into the ER! The kids played at some friends house while Brian got a nasogastric tube placed and his stomach pumped!  After receiving 2 IV’s, IV meds, an EKG,  and spending the day at the hospital, we were released home that night.  Brian was placed on strict bedrest for the next few days.  Earlier in the week he had gone in for his follow-up scope from the previous ICU stay.  During the scope, they took about 16 biopsies.  It seemed that Brian was  bleeding again,  but they were never able to pin point it.

With that being said, Brian spent Easter Sunday in bed. We had a little egg hunt and the kids got to explore the treasures the Easter Bunny left for them in their baskets.  Then, kids and I went to church where we had wonderful music and talks. They got to wear their adorable new Easter outfits from Grandma and Grandpapa! THANK YOU! 🙂 Once again it was a nice time to reflect on the blessings of family, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection. Easter is definitely worthy of a celebration.  The kids have a little book that puts it nice and simple, “The Easter Bunny is okay,  and Easter eggs are fun.  But, Easter’s not about that stuff….It’s all about God’s son.” Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


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  • Grandmama

    Sounds like a really fun and a little too exciting Easter weekend! The kiddos look so cute as always! Hope Bri -Guy is feeling better again! YIKES!! We pray for him every day!!

  • burke family

    Congratulations Kennedy! I think 3rd place is great! The kids look adorable in their Easter outfits. And it sounds like you had a great time at all of the festivities. Just wish we could get Bri healthy!

  • Suzy

    Glad to see that Kennedy is in pictures again!! 🙂 The kids are gorgeous in their Easter outfits!! 🙂 Sounds like there were lots of fun ways to celebrate!! We’re praying for Brian too!

  • Tara

    Wow! What beautiful relatives we have! Kennedy & Nathan look so cute!! Sounds like a great weekend despite Brian’s episode. We are sure praying for him and hope they figure out what’s wrong soon! Love you!!

  • roberta

    your kids are getting so big. Wow, poor Brian is really having a time of it. Do they have any way of pin pointing the cause of all of this??? We are all praying for him and your entire family. We love you.

  • colleen call

    I love the pictures and the look of pure enjoyment. Nathan’s cute freckles on his nose are adorable. We love them so much!

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