Comprehensive Park

The parks in Okinawa are amazing! They are unlike anything I have ever seen in the states. There is the ever daunting “drop-slide,” where you have to hang out over a ledge and drop down a totally vertical slide. Or, there are a million “roller slides,” which are a favorite of ours, where you slide down a conveyor belt of metal rollers 40 feet in the air. Several parks have zip lines, and some even go over water.  There are HUGE slides made of cement, metal, and bamboo. I could go on and on about all the awesome toys. Seriously, who thought of all of these things?  The playgrounds and FREE parks here are incredible! There are parks like this all over the island. Brian is always commenting on how lame the playgrounds in America are. He claims that he NEVER liked playgrounds, even as a very young child. However, as an adult he is making up for lost time, because the parks here are so much fun.  They are CRAZY!  Sometimes we just set out on an adventure looking for a new fun park. One of the parks that we found early on was Comprehensive Park. This park is everything you want in a park.  It’s HUGE! I think I heard it was hundreds of acres.  Just like the name implies, it has a little bit of everything.
The park is situated on the coast, so it has a great view.   There are nature hikes and jogging, soccer and rugby fields, a running track, baseball stadium, basketball and tennis courts. There’s a big water park that we are excited to try out this summer. There’s a campground, fitness center and art center where you can take classes, and some fun playground equipment.   A couple Saturdays ago, we decided to pack a picnic and head out to the park to explore a new area of it. We ate our yummy food, chatted with a couple locals in our limited and bad Japanese, and searched for treasures at low tide. Brian went for a jog while the kids and I took a walk. We fed the fish, ducks, and birds while we giggled at some people in paddle boats that couldn’t get anywhere! We also watched a movie in the park, and had a fun relaxing Saturday soaking in some sunshine and family time.

It makes me kind of sad, but Kennedy is in a bit of a camera shy stage, or maybe it’s just attitude.  Either way, it’s no fun for me!

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  • Grandmama

    Looks like a great park!!! These pictures are precious! I especially love the one of both kids watching the movie together! Please remind Kennedy that some people don’t get to see her in person everyday and we wait anxiously to see new pictures posted of her and Nate-Nate! What happened to the girl with her great poses for all the pictures?? We are missing THAT girl? She was very amusing!! XXOO

  • Tara

    I can’t believe how big Nathan looks! When did that happen?! Those parks sounds awesome! I wish they would build those around here! Your day sounds heavenly!

  • Suzy

    Amazing! What great places to explore. It seems like there’s an endless supply of those there! I love the pictures too! Ah man, the camera shy bug got Kennedy? That makes me sad also! We count on the blog to see you across the miles, and help bring smiles to our faces!!

  • colleen call

    A nice day at the park sounds great right now. We had one lovely 65 degree day and then rain for the past couple of days. The grass is looking good. I love the pictures. I hardly recognize Nathan. How grown up! Kennedy is so darling but I do understand being shy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful places with us.

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