Mihanami Carnival Park


We have enjoyed walking around American Village many times, but we have never actually taken a ride on the Sky Max 60.  Now, doesn’t that sound awesome!  Well, we decided that today was the day and so we bought our tickets (which came with baby cans of Fanta). We rode around twice enjoying the view.  I’ve heard that you can watch fireworks from the sky at night.  Maybe we will have to go back again on couples night!






I know we all look a little orange.  I promise it isn’t the result of bad tanning lotion.  What do you think, do we look good orange?



You basically can’t go anywhere in Japan without running into a HUGE arcade!  Sensory overload for sure!


Enjoying our baby Fantas on the patio.


I love that you can get good old ALL AMERICAN FOOD!  A&W is everywhere here!


Katie, this one is for you!  I thought of you and had to take this picture for you.  Can you image that being your car?  Believe me, there are WAY worse too!  I just thought that it was funny they went with The Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  I’m still looking for the pink heart hub caps.  I saw them everywhere until I wanted a picture.  Oh well!

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  • Grandmama

    Wow!!! That is a crazy big ferris wheel! It makes my stomach feel woozy just looking at the picture!! 🙂 The car picture was hilarious! What in the world????

  • katie

    Wow! That looks pretty fun! And the car totally cracks me up! 🙂 Thanks for the picture.

  • Shanna

    That looks like fun! Glad you can still get some good old American food there:) I had fun reading about your Christmas festivities. Looks like Santa was generous this year!

  • Suzy

    Good times! People and their car decor choices, very inersting, pink heart hubcaps too?

  • colleen call

    I like Ferris Wheels. This adds a new dimension however! That is a relief to know we can find “normal” food for travelers who aren’t so fond of strange flavors.

  • Tara

    thanks for giving us a taste of Japan! Dallas was intrigued by that carousel!

  • Tara

    I meant ferris wheel 🙂

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