I sat down tonight to work on another craft project only to hit a couple hiccups.   Until I figure out where to go from here, I guess I better blog.  It’ s so hard to blog when you feel behind.  with that said, here’s our 2010 Christmas better late than never! How could I not blog about our first Christmas in Japan!

Thanks for the Christmas outfit Grams and Grandpapa!  The kids looked precious!  Kennedy loved the trail of gold glitter her dress left.


We had our yummy Christmas Eve Dinner followed by our families tradition of reading the night before Christmas.  Usually Daddy is the lucky storyteller, but this year Kennedy showed off her awesome reading skills.  She felt very important!


After dinner, we rushed out to scatter our reindeer food.  The kids had so much fun as they laughed, jumped, skipped, and scattered the glittery oatmeal all over the front lawn!  This was our first year trying it out and the kids LOVED it!  Definitely a new Christmas tradition!

After running around, we came inside  for a fun family night.  We read the Christmas story, sang carols, ate cookies, and drank sleepy potion (wassail). Then, we all snuggled in and watched a video about the birth of Christ.  The kids then got to unwrap their new Christmas jammies to wear to bed.

Nathan and Kennedy put out some treats for Santa and his reindeer.  This part is always tough for Nathan.  He is just way too tempted to eat the gingerbread cookies.  The little guy just can’t get enough of them! Then off to bed with visions of sugar plums and way too much energy and excitement.   The kids are just such fun ages right now!  It was a magical night.


It was after 7 AM when the kids got up and we all rushed downstairs to check out the Christmas treasures. We always let the kids dig into their stockings first. Nathan was hilarious to watch as he unwrapped each chocolate treat and popped in into his mouth. We tried to explain that he didn’t need to unwrap each of the candies at this point, but he would have none of it. Nothing like chocolate for breakfast Christmas morning!

Kennedy couldn’t contain the excitement when she opened her Camille ballerina doll. Santa sent her a video promising her he would bring it to her if she made a special effort to keep her room neat and tidy. She worked hard, and was thrilled with the reward! Thanks Santa!

Nathan really got into Christmas this year. He would open every present and then turn and ask me to open the box! He wanted to explore every toy right then and there! He is still funny as he walks around the house telling me everything the Santa gave him. Even funny things like his toothbrush and underwear. Santa didn’t really give him those things, but I think he decided this Christmas that Santa was a very awesome guy.

After opening the presents from Santa, Daddy and the kids played with toys while a made a yummy breakfast. Do you like the strange monkey bread?? Yes, it looked like a science experiment, but it was yummy!

After we were stuffed, we got on the web cam and opened the family gifts. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves and supports us in our crazy adventures. Thank you to all of you!

My sister-in-law Tara made Kennedy and I some really cute aprons. As you can tell, Kennedy thought they were way stylish!

Nathan was so excited to get his first firetruck. He loved that it was remote controlled too! He also got his first Geo Trax train set, and duplo lego set. Nathan glowed with excitement. We have taken a day adventure to the beach in years past, but seemed quite content this year to just stay home and play with out new toys.

We topped our perfect day off with more yummy food!

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  • katie

    Uh oh, what’s the crafting problem? Can I help?

    But I sure don’t mind getting new blog posts and seeing adorable pictures. What a great Christmas!

  • Grandmama

    Sorry about the crafting issues but I’m with Katie, I loved hearing all about the fun Christmas and you will be glad that you wrote down the cute stories! Thanks for sharing! That Nate-Nate is a little character for sure!! He has a sweet tooth for sure! Hmm – wonder who he got that from!!!! 🙂

  • Tara

    I just love Christmas!! Looks like you have some wonderful traditions! Some are the same as we have 🙂 Kennedy sure looks cute in her apron 🙂 But then she always looks cute! You are sure right about kids making Christmas even more fun!

  • Suzy

    Christmas with your family is always fun to watch! I’m starting to get a glimpse of the hard to blog when feeling behind! I hope you soon get to find out where to go from there in the crafting department, and to feeling not so behind!

  • colleen call

    We didn’t know that on Christmas day it would be just a few short days before we got to visit with you in person! That made it a great Christmas for us.

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