Christmas Eve day

Since Daddy had finished his big trial and was home, we decided to go exploring.

First stop was SHELL BEACH.  We loaded our bags will shells and coral.  We had a great time running around the beach hunting for treasures.  Besides, there’s just something wonderful about some nice salty ocean air.







Once we got all good and sandy, we headed down the rode until we came to the CAPE ZAMPA LIGHTHOUSE. We hiked around enjoying the view, and then hit the road again.


The inside of the lighthouse is a museum.  From the lighthouse, we noticed trails leading out onto the cape’s cliffs.  We decided to take a walk.


Zanpa paths


The view was gorgeous.  Do you like how my jacket zipper is done all the way up? That was Nathan’s special touch.  For some reason he had to make sure it was all the way up. Too silly.

Not too far down the way, we came to ZAKIMI-JO CASTLE RUINS. It is one of the World Heritage sites.


The castle was built in the early 15th century by Gosamaru.  He is known as a legendary warrior for uniting the kingdoms of Okinawa under one rule.  As payment, the King declared him Lord of Zakimi castle.  It is said that Gosamaru  had the stones from his former castle moved one by one.  They did this by forming a human chain of workers. Can you imagine? He later moved closer to the King and built the Nakagusuku castle.


The kids had a great time climbing all over the castle walls.  There was even a couple there getting pictures taken in their traditional Okinawan clothing.  I think they were newlyweds getting bridal pictures done.









I had to throw this picture in because you just have to love the Japanese sqatting potty. It essentially consists of a hole in the ground.  I figured you didn’t need a demonstration!   It’s been fun potty training in a foreign country.  I will say that!  You know you all want to come visit to see for yourself.  Or better yet, try it out!

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  • Grandmama

    Cutest beachcombers ever!!! The castle looks fun too! The toilets – not so much!! What an amazing experience you all are having!

  • katie

    Kennedy has some serious posing skills! 🙂 Sounds like a great Christmas Eve day to me!

  • Suzy

    Beaches, castles, lighthouse, beautiful weather, time with hubby and Dad, sounds heavenly, and Christmas Eve no less! Loved the pictures! Katie’s comment about Kennedy’s posing skills made me giggle!

  • Tara

    What an awesome experience! Looks like Kennedy & Nate had fun, too! I sure wish we could come visit and see for ourselves!

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