My Quiet Book is done!

So, you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging??  A craft project of course!  My sister Katie made one of these  quiet books a few years back and I loved it, so I decided to make one too.  It was so fun to do, but it was a slow going project.  Thanks to Mom and Katie for helping me with the supplies I had a hard time getting my hands on here!  Couldn’t have done it without your help!  Japan has been very good for me and my perfectionistic ways!

P.S. The search continues for a skinny green permanent marker to finish the page with David and the sheep.  I figured I wouldn’t keep you in suspense for a minor detail!  When I get my hands on one I will add the finishing touches!
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  • Grandmama

    It turned out great! Thanks for the pictures and the blog post !! 🙂 XXOO

  • katie

    Good Work Nat! What a big project! I’m glad you finally finished. It looks adorable and I’m sure your kids will get many many hours of entertainment out of it – just like mine have. 🙂 Now on to the advent calendar – I can’t wait to see how you do that one, and I can’t wait to dig mine out of our christmas boxes that somehow got stuck in the storage unit and use it again. 🙂 Hee hee

  • Suzy

    WOW!! Incredible job! 🙂

  • Tara

    That is so fun!! I recognize a lot of those pages from the quiet book my Mom made for us when I was young. I loved it! And I know your kiddos will, too! You always make everything look cute!

  • colleen call

    So cute!

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