Going on a cherry blossom hunt!

The kids and I decided to go for a cherry blossom hunt on base this weekend.  Nathan got a new bike for his birthday last October, and is learning to ride it.  It’s pretty awesome, and Nate wanted to ride it instead of walking.  The blossoms are just popping, but they are simply gorgeous! The bright splash of color just makes me giddy!  I wish I could fill my house with them.  To our dismay, there are none in our yard! I think next weekend when Daddy gets home, we may head to the mountains to hunt for them there!

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  • Grandmama

    Wow! Gorgeous!! Nate-Nate looks so cute on his big bike! Kennedy is such a good big sister always! Grandma sure loves those two cuties!!

  • katie

    Those are beautiful! The cherry blossoms have always been one of my favorites! Wish I could go walking with you to hunt for blossoms…. we are still buried in tons and tons of snow!

  • Angie

    They are beautiful. Good to see your doing well! The kids are getting big fast.

  • Nathan has lost his round baby cheeks, he looks like such a big kid!

    The pink blossoms are so beautiful, and make me extra jealous since we have a winter storm warning for tonight AGAIN. I may have to petition for Hickam next summer. Miss you and your sweet little family!

    • Natalie

      You could always hop a space A and come see us!!! We miss you too!

  • Suzy

    Beautiful! I can see why they make you giddy, and want to hunt for them! 🙂 Nathan and Kennedy are getting so grown up!

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