Okinawa Churiuma Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park



With the weather cooling off a bit, we decided to take another trip up to the aquarium.  The kids love the aquarium.  Our favorite part is the massive aquarium tank that has all kinds of sea animals.  The tank is several stories high, and is so fun.  We ate lunch at the little cafe that is right next to a section of the tank.  We ordered the famous taco rice and an Okinawan melon drink that the kids LOVED!



The aquarium is also located in a large park that has so many neat things to see and do.  We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the park.  We walked through an old Okinawan village, where they served us tea that we couldn’t drink, but they also served us a brown sugar candy that Nathan and Daddy loved!  We sat on the tatami mats, and listened to them play music on the sanshin or jabisen while they sang in Japanese.  It was pretty educational.

Then, off we went to explore the beach there in the park.  While we were there, we met a gaggle of Japanese school girls who were enamored with Nathan and Kennedy.  They played with, and chatted with them, and then wanted pictures with them.  It feels a bit like we are traveling with little stars sometimes. “Kawaii ne!”




As part of the park, there are several animal shows you can watch.  We watched the dolphins perform fun tricks, but mostly it was pretty funny the attention we drew from the local school aged girls and boys.  We had quite the gathering surrounding us, by the time the show started.  Even Kennedy gets a little overwhelmed by all the attention at times. Nathan and Kennedy shared some of their sour patch kids with the locals teens.  It was pretty funny to watch their expressions.  It was not at all what they expected!


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  • Grandmama

    Wow! You have been blogging up a storm!! I love it!! What a fun day! I totally think Nathan has inherited his Daddy’s sweet tooth! Do they sell maple syrup in 10 gallon containers?! Tee Hee!!

  • Suzy

    So fun! Aquariums and the beach are always a good idea! 🙂 Nathan looks like he’s loving all of the adoring fans! 🙂

  • Shanna

    Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for Nathan and Kennedy!? That sounds like a fun and educational place to visit.

  • Tara

    That is so funny about all the attention from those girls! You do have star quality children though! I love that last picture of you, Nat!

  • burke family

    Cooling off, huh? Yet you are still wearing shorts! Don’t even talk to me about New York winter weather! 🙂

    The aquarium sounds really fun – I’m sure Jordan would love that! And I love that everyone is in love with Kennedy and Nathan… we think they are pretty cute too!

  • roberta

    Oh my, you have the best life. First beaches in Florida, and now a fun country with beaches. How do you rate? Can I come over and visit you. I am sitting home still trying to recover from this awful surgery. Someday my voice might come back. The kids are darling and I think you guys look terrific. So, no snow for Christmas, oh my.

  • colleen call

    I find it interesting that the people are so intrigued by the kids. They are extraordinarily darling but I wonder why? Aren’t there alot of Americans on the island? I just can’t wait to see all these wonderful places. I enjoy the beautiful photos.
    Thanks for blogging!!

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