Seashell Beach (who knows what it’s really named!)



I love sea shells. There is somethings about them that makes them so alluring.  One of my friends here has an amazing collection, and I have been begging her to share her secrets with me! Finally, one day after school she took me to a couple shell hunting spots. Nathan loved to play in the sand and water. He helped me fill my bag full of awesome shells. When we arrived at shell beach, there was a Japanese woman singing. I couldn’t understand the words, but it was beautiful. I was very happy she didn’t shy away when we arrived. I know I would have!! This beach has fondly been dubbed shell beach, because the shells are scattered all over. Pretty obvious, right!? This is a popular spot for the fishermen. They come gather the clams, oysters, and other sea creatures that live in shells. Then they scoop them all out and leave the shells on the beach. You can find practically whole shells even. My friend tells me that the shell hunting is even better in the spring and summer. We enjoyed the morning on the beach, and the beauty that surrounds us! Nathan was hilarious to watch as he scoured the beach. I just got a kick out of his squeals when he would reach for a shell and the crabs inside the shells would start to take off down the beach. Nathan thought this was a great game! Nathan and I took home a bag full of sea shells, gorgeous sea glass, and sea pottery. I can’t wait to take Daddy and Kennedy back.




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  • Grandmama

    Love these pictures of Nate-Nate! So precious! You are turning him into a beach bum like Grandma for sure!! 🙂

  • Suzy

    Yup, that cute little beach bum will have a better tan than his part-Poly cousins for sure, being able to wear shorts and play at beautiful beaches all year round! 🙂 Looks like you’re on your way to an amazing collection too! 🙂

  • Tara

    Wow! That looks amazing! We would love to go hunt for shells with you!!

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