Gobble Gobble Fat Turkey


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The weather was gorgeous.  Colonel Davies invited us to his home, and we had lots of fun.  We played Beatles Rock Band until I had dreams of the yellow submarine!  We ate a scrumptious dinner.  I brought a BIG pot of mashed potatoes.  I had bought what looked like potatoes, but part of them turned out to be Okinawan purple yams.  That just wouldn’t do, especially for the boss’s  Thanksgiving dinner!  We needed think we had enough potatoes since the boss emphasized BIG pot several times, so Brian raced around to find potatoes for me.  He finally found some at a tiny Japanese market.   They sold them with about 3 small potatoes per bag. I’ll just say we savored every bite of our fluffy mashed potatoes!  After enjoying a fantastic dinner, we went for a walk to the park. Near the playground, there is a path that leads to a WWII hospital cave.   It was a fun walk, and gave us the room we needed in our bellies for pie, and pumpkin cheesecake!  DELICIOUS!  The kids were perfect little angels, and we could not be more thankful for such sweet, fun, and polite children!   We came home feeling very fat and happy!  Our little family has been so blessed.

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  • Grandmama

    We are thankful for good friends that take such good care of our kids and grandkids so far away too!

  • Suzy

    Sounds like another fun adventure! The things I take for granted here, like how easy it is to get a bag of potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m glad that you were able to have such a great time with friends. The hospital cave sounds intriguing/scary… and I’m not at all surprised that the kids were perfect little angels!

  • Tara

    Those potatoes sound yummy! I’m sure the holidays are extra exciting in Japan. I guess we shouldn’t take our potatoes for granted!

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