Tennis Tournament


Brian joined up with a group of guys and they play tennis about twice a week.  A couple weekends ago there was a tournament.  It was long and the kids and I had fun for the first 4 hours, and then after that…. well, I cracked!  That’s a whole other story!  Brian did great and even won!  He took home a $25 dollar gift certificate to the pro shop.  It burned a hole in his pocket and he promptly spent it on a new hat and some wrist bands!  Brian’s hoping that Santa thinks he’s been a very good boy this year and brings him a couple of new tennis racquets. We found an awesome sports shop off base, and he was able to “test drive” some racquets.  I love the Japanese people.  They are such hard workers.  When you walk in a store, they literally run all over to serve you and get you what you need.  A+ on customer service.  Brian was teamed up with a guy named Edgar.  Edgar is here without his family, so he has devoted his free time to tennis.  They made an excellent team!






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  • Grandmama

    Way to go Bri! Hmm now you have peaked my curiosity as to why you “Cracked” Nat! You obviously needed your Mother there to keep you company! 🙂

  • Suzy

    Congrats, Bri!! The FIRST four hours?! How many more were after?! :/

  • colleen call

    I’m go glad Brian has had a chance to relieve some stress with his favorite sport. I have great memories of days watching the kids play tennis. I can just feel the warm sun. We could use that now! I didn’t have little kids to chase at the same time, however. Tennis tournaments can be LONG events. Brian your serving motion looks powerful! Hope we can come when you are playing.

  • Tara

    Sounds like Brian still has it in him! Congratulations! I like tennis, too, but 4 hours is a long time to sit and watch so hats to you, Nat, for sticking it out that long!

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