Kokusai Dori “International Street”


After hearing that it was something that everyone needed to do, we headed down to Naha to Kokusai Dori.  Kokusai Dori is without a doubt the most famous street  in Okinawa.  Atleast in my opinion, and from what i’ve heard.  It’s basically the hang out for yankees like us, and Okinawans alike.

The street’s fame all started when the widows from World War II  began to set up small shops to sell handmade good, and fresh fruit and veggies.  I’ve heard Kokusai Dori referred to as the “miracle mile”.  I assume it has to do with this history, but I don’t really know. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that the people rebounded so well, and were able to get back on their feet.  Many years later, it is now the main shopping and entertainment strip in Okinawa.

We enjoyed the day walking around, and exploring the massive network of cheesy souvenir shops and department stores.  There is just an enormous amount of stuff to look at! We were able to soak up the vibe, and feel like we were in the heart of Okinawa.

YIKES!!  This is Okinawa Awamori or Habu Sake.  It is a rice liquor that includes a well preserved Habu snake coiled inside it. Freaky, freaky! Did you check out the price tag??! Some of the bottles on the very top shelf were hundreds of thousands of yen!


During our excursion, we also ran into a few familiar friends. Lots of hello kitty too, of course!

We only spent the afternoon shopping, but we could have spent all day there looking in every nook and cranny. We didn’t even hardly explore the big mall with the department stores. There is even a Mitsukoshi department store. I’m not very familiar with the store, but I think it’s a well known Department store based in Tokyo. I guess we might have to come again to explore more shops!

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  • Grandmama

    What a crazy place!!! I love the last picture of Kennedy and Bri – so cute!!!

  • katie

    Wow! What a crazy place!

  • Suzy

    So interesting! It’s neat to find places that you can visit multiple times, and still have exploring to do.

  • Tara

    Wow! I love the look on your face next to the snakes. That is just crazy!

  • colleen call

    That snake drink sent shivers down my spine. (yikes!) How do yen and dollars compare?
    Cute pictures!

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