What did I get for my birthday???




Typhoon Chaba (catagory 4) came to town to help celebrate my birthday.   We took advantage of our typhoon days locked up in the house. We carved our pumpkin, and bake festive pumpkin and ghost cookies. Kennedy wanted to make our pumpkin Tinker Bell.  However, in her own words, “our pumpkin looks more Japanese than Tinker Bell!”  Typhoon Chaba gave us a pretty good show, and left in time for us to participate in all the Halloween festivities.We celebrated my birthday by attending  a church chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat.  The kids were thrilled to dress up. The minute Nathan put on costume, he transformed into a cute growly dragon.  He got lots of comments about being a dinosaur dragon!  Kennedy had fun teaching Nathan the do’s and don’ts of trick-or-treating, but thought he was too slow! He had a hard time not eating each piece of candy before moving on! The kids had a great time, and got WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!


IMG_6129Brian and the kids spoiled me. I got new capris, an adorable light weight sweater, and an amazing telephoto zoom lens for my camera. Not to mention the amazing rendition of Happy Birthday they sang for me. I even got to blow a candle out of a pumpkin cookie! I would have to say that the BIG 30 turned out pretty well for me! According to the kids, I’m practically a granny
these days!


As if the kids didn’t get enough candy already, we headed out Saturday night again! We walked around our housing area on base. Nathan had the cutest (and quietest) tricker-treap ever! Nathan was getting pretty tired, so we headed home to hand out candy. Kennedy and Daddy found some spooky music to turn on in the background, and sat on the porch waiting for the kids to come. Kennedy loved to chat with all the kids as she gave them their candy. She especially loved it when she recognized a friend from church or school! When the time came, I had to drag her off to bed. I think she may have enjoyed handing out the candy as much, or more than trick-or-treating! It was definitely better than bed!


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  • katie

    Ah, happy birthday Nat! Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Everytime your birthday rolls around without me, I get really nostalgic thinking about all of the fun birthdays we have had together. Now why in the world did you have to move all the way across the world from me?! Those were the days living right across the hall, huh? Miss you!

  • Suzy

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday, and got spoiled, despite the typhoon! 🙂 Halloween looked and sounds like it was a lot of fun too! Cute, cute kids in super cute costumes!!

  • Suzy

    And how could I forget, a gorgeous birthday “granny” He,he. J/K Life is just beginning at 30, right?! 🙂

  • colleen call

    Happy Birthday! I felt like my life really got exciting in the 30’s they were the best! Our best to you, too! I love the costumes! The Lady Bug costume just makes me smile. When I get around to writing down my LuLu Lady Bug stories I will have to use these cute pictures for the model in the art work! (Does someday ever come?) Out little dragon dinosour was perfect. The nice thing about a typhoon, is that daddy is home and everyone gets to play. (As long as there is still electricity.) I’m glad it turned out great for you.

  • Tara

    What a beautiful and young 30 yr old! (You look much younger though!) Sounds like you had fun despite the typhoon! We love you! Happy late b’day!

  • Grandmama

    Happy Birthday!! I’m glad Kennedy’s prayers were answered and all the Halloween fun was unmarred by the typhoon! If you have enough faith to walk on water , what’s a little typhoon, right??? THEY LOOKED OH SO CUTE IN THEIR COSTUMES!! Missing all of you tons!!

  • Grandmama

    Oh I’m glad the first pictures load now! They are so cute! That girl has lots of enthusiasm for sure and it shows!! Her Halloween shirt looks so cute with those tights! 🙂

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