Our New Playhouse

Kennedy has wanted a plastic playhouse to put in the backyard for a while now, but Brian and I have been dragging our feet on buying one.  We decided when we got to Japan, we would probably finally break down and get her one for her birthday or Christmas.  However, when we moved into our house, the kids rooms were smaller, and so they felt too cramped with all the cooking and dolly things.  We discovered a storage area under the stairs that turned out to be the perfect place to store the extra toys.  We moved most of the toys in there, and the kids practically lived under the stairs for days (Harry Potter style…).  After talking with my mom, she suggested that I could turn the storage area into a playhouse type room.  I loved the idea, and set to work.  We only had a few roadblocks to overcome in the process.

1) I discovered that right now colored paint is nearly impossible to find on base.  Normally it’s not, but the paint mixer on base has been broken since we’ve been here.  I grabbed a few small tubes of acrylic paint (limited color selection)  on base, and then headed off base to find the rest.  We searched several places, and finally found small cans of paint at the “monkey store.”  I don’t know what the store is really called, but the sign has a monkey on it!  Hence, the monkey store.

2) The cans were all written in Japanese, but we read what we could. Then we used the pictures to sorta fill in the rest of the details.  There were stickers on the top that I figured were the colors.  I thought I had picked out a soft pink, light lavender, and soft yellow.  When I started painting, I realized that everything was going to be so much darker!!!  So we ended up with a deep periwinkle, dark dusty mauve, and bright yellow.  I had a little white acrylic paint that I mixed with the yellow to tone it down, but it wasn’t what I had envisioned AT ALL!  Which brings me to the next problem….

3) I had bought lavender fabric with little white polka dots in a matching tone of lavender to make curtains out of.  Because my paint ended up being deep periwinkle, and dark dusty mauve instead of soft pastels, it didn’t match at all.  It was sooooooooo BAD!  Great, now what!  On to plan B!

In the end, I think it turned out cute, just different than I had envisioned:)  The kids love it, and Kennedy told me, “Mom, I feel like I have my own real house!”

I guess I can check that project off my list.   On to the next!!!



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  • Grandmama

    Well…it turned out sooo cute! Living overseas is definitely teaching you to be flexible!!! Grandma wants to play in the new playhouse too! It looks awesome!! For some reason not all of the pictures will load – but I checked it all out thoroughly on Flicker. You did a great job!!!! What’s the next project? Covering your chairs? At least there is no paint involved in that project!! Or maybe your end tables? OOPS!! Gotta have paint for that!! Keep smiling! Life is quite the adventure for you guys right now!!

  • colleen call

    That looks so darling! Necessity is the mother of invention! Sometimes I get more creative when I have to. I can imagine tea parties in the playhouse already. I can’t wait! Way to go mom.

  • katie

    Oh my gosh! It looks amazing! I always wanted playroom under the stairs growing up. That is just too fun! I bet the kids are LOVING it. And when the kids are busy and happy, that makes you happy too! 🙂

  • Suzy

    Incredible!! 🙂 Great job!!! It turned out so well! It looks like a perfect playhouse, and great memory maker for the kids!

  • Tiffany

    Wow! It looks amazing! You did such a great job!!!

  • Carli W.

    You did such an amazing job! You had so many unwanted surprises in the project, but it turned out so adorable. You must keep yourself very busy.

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