Party Party Party!

Life has been VERY busy at the Call house!  I feel like we are stuck in fast forward.  It doesn’t help that we celebrated our Princess’s 6th birthday on the 9th and our baby boy’s 2nd birthday on the 10th!  Conference weekend fell on the kids’ birthday this year because that’s how it works in Japan.  We were able to web chat, enjoy calls, and notes from the family.  Thank you everyone!  Each of the kids got a special birthday breakfast on their special day, and we opened presents.  Because it was Kennedy’s year to have a friend party, we decided that conference weekend wouldn’t be a great time to have a party.   Instead we celebrated as a family, and then had a barbecue with some friends last Monday where we shared Nathan’s dump truck cake.  He was pretty excited about his cake.  I thought it turned out pretty cute considering he had already taken 2 fists full out of it before I even got to frost it.  I guess he was doing the taste test.  I passed, and every time he passed through the kitchen he paused to tell me, “yummy truck!”  Brian and I chuckled several times at what a difference a year makes.  On Nathan’s first birthday, he hesitantly picked at his cake, and this year there was no holding back!  He knew it was his cake, and he was even a little possessive of it!  Last year we pretty much had to help him open the presents, and he was really most interested in his birthday balloon.  This year, Nathan was such a pro at opening presents, and it took everything we had to keep him from opening Kennedy’s presents too!  He has grown into such a happy, fun, and lively little man!  We love him so much, and can’t help but think back to his first months of life full of scares, and feel so grateful to have him in our family.  We just wouldn’t be the same!

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On Friday before Kennedy’s birthday, we took cupcakes to school to share with her class.  She was very excited, but blushed pretty good when they all sang her “Happy Birthday.”  It was fun for Nathan and I to be able to visit her classroom, and meet all her little friends.  Brian and I later came back to her school to relive the experience of school lunch with her.  It was fun to reminisce about our memories of school.  School lunch…well, it was interesting.  We have asked Kennedy about it several times, and each time we have gotten a very enthusiastic, “It’s yummy, I love it!”  We decided to brave it and enjoyed the mystery sandwich.  The sandwich had cold scrambled eggs, cheese, and…. well, sometimes it’s best just NOT to know!  It was fun to see how excited our precious was to show everything to us.  It hit us pretty hard that she is growing up, and before long she won’t want us to eat lunch with her!  We gave Kennedy a washer, ironing board, calico critters, and a couple new baby dolls for her birthday.  Daddy got suckered in when Kennedy asked for 2 new dolls.  I told him that we had gotten her the tramp and that we had already spent too much on her.  He looked at me and told me,”What am I supposed to do?  It won’t be long and she won’t want to play with dolls.”  He did have a point, and so she scored BIG time!

This last Saturday was Kennedy’s friend party.  She decided to embrace all the Hello Kitty around Japan, and chose Hello Kitty (Kitty Chan)as the theme for her party.  We decked out the house proper party style, and invited a couple friends (Lily and Eve) over for a “tea party” and crafts.  The girls had fun coloring, making jewelry, playing with fuse beads, playing house/beauty parlor/laundromat, and there were only a few tears shed.  I guess there is something to the song that says, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….” Kennedy had a play-doh treat making station that she wanted to play with her friends, and they weren’t interested, so she shed a few tears.  I think they were probably mostly tears of exhaustion considering she woke up at 4am!  She was just too excited to sleep.  I made Kennedy a hello kitty cake, that must have had a million little stars on it.  My hands were tired when I was done making it, but it was all worth it watching Kennedy as she saw her cake for the first time.  The wonder in her eyes was worth all the hand cramps in the world!  Nathan sat on the stool next to me through the whole cake, and would periodically ask me for some frosting, or give me sweet little pats on my leg.  He would jabber to me about his truck cake, and sissy’s cake.  It was too cute.  I just can’t believe that it’s already been 6 years since our Kennedy joined our family.  She is such a joy (most of the time) to have in our family.  She has such a zest and enthusiasm for life.  She is so anxious to learn EVERYTHING!  She is so thoughtful, and such a good friend.  She is very sensitive especially when it comes to matters of the spirit.  She is my little buddy, and our beautiful “baby girl”- always and FOREVER!

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  • Suzy

    Busy doesn’t quite fully capture the essence of the life in permanent fast forward mode, does it? Loved this post!! Everything was amazing! They are such sweethearts! I didn’t realize that Conference fell on their birthdays in Japan! Very interesting.

  • katie

    Happy Birthday Nathan! I can’t believe he’s two and I still haven’t met him. 🙁 What a cute spunky little guy. I see a lot of Bri’s expressions in his face. And that truck cake turned out way cute. Way to go Nat!

    And Kennedy girl! You are getting so old! You have always been my little buddy and I love you to pieces! The party looks perfect – cute cake, cute decorations, cute yummy food, and the cutest girl! Hugs to all of you!

  • Amanda

    Looks like they had great birthdays! You did a great job on their cakes too.

  • Grandmama

    Loved being part of the celebration through this post! Everything looked picture perfect! What ever will you do with all your time once all of your October birthdays are over??? 🙂 Loads of birthday love to two sweet kiddos from grandma and Grandpapa!!! aka Gram and Gramps!!!!

  • colleen call

    I’ll have to admit these little birthday parties brought tears to my eyes. The days so by so fast and the years and then they have kids of their own and the fun starts all over!! I am so sentimental. I can still cry every time I look at the kids pictures books of them growing up. We loved every minute. I can’t think of any thing we would do differently. I know we could not have loved them more. Thanks for being such good parents!

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