Southeast Botanical Gardens

A friend of mine told me about some beautiful gardens not far from the base, and invited the kids and I to go explore them with them.  We packed a picnic and headed out on the hottest day possible here.  The heat is SO intense.  We thought Florida had been good preparation, but the heat is almost oppressive here! Everything was so lush and beautiful.  The flowers were HUGE!  Seriously, the blossoms were the size of dinner plates.  Kennedy was in unbelief at how large the lily pads were.  She kept waiting to see a GIANT frog too!  The kids caught fish from the pond, and shot water guns off the bridge.  We stopped at the park along the way and the kids got to run off some energy.  They even had the coolest zip line for the kids.  Kennedy loved it, and giggled as she flew past Nate.  On our way to our picnic stop, Kennedy got to climb the palm tree to the coconuts.  Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out of juice as I was taking the picture!  I guess we will just have to go back and explore more!  We explored all afternoon until we were overcome with heat exhaustion!  We missed the Japanese Rhinoceros Beatle fights, so we’ll have to go back to check that out.  I am sure Nathan will love that!  Japanese children buy or catch these beetle and then breed them.  It’s crazy all the accessories they have for them at the pet store.  Nathan was pretty sure he needed one, and I was POSITIVE that would NEVER happen!


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  • Oh man! What a fun adventure you guys are having! Florida, Japan…. I wonder what’s next. Aaron actually just lost his job, so we may be having an adventure of our own for the next little while – (a different kind of adventure) 🙂

    Your kids are as adorable as ever! I have enjoyed catching up on your family.

  • Grandmama

    What an awesome and fun place! Love the pictures of the little ones – so cute! What a mean mom not to let Nate have a beetle for a pet! I am racking my brain trying to picture what kinds of accessories a beetle might have??????

  • katie

    Wow! That looks beautiful! But come on… a Japanese beetle sounds like a great pet… especially when it escapes its cage and runs free in your house. 🙂 eek!

  • Tara

    So beautiful! My boys would love one of those beetles!! But I can’t say as I blame you for not wanting one around.

  • Suzy

    Breathtaking! What a fun, fun place to explore. I never would have guessed that it got so hot in Japan! I’m with ya, those beetles would definitely be considered a want not a need, huh? 🙂

  • Shanna Roper

    What a fun outing! It seems like there is so much to do there. Nathan is growing up so much!

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